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Name | Version: LiveGrabber - ParamGrabber 2.7
Author: mattijs
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: NOTE: Please download the latest version of this plugin from the website.

The LiveGrabber plugins are a set of Max For Live plugins that send device parameters, track parameters and audio analysis information from Ableton Live to any device on the network that supports Open Sound Control (OSC).


Live Version Used: 8.2.6
Max Version Used: 5.1.9
Date Added: Nov 01 2010 15:32:57
Date Last Updated: May 14 2018 04:22:28
Downloads: 1077
License: None
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Device File: ParamGrabber.amxd


the patch uses [s out] . trying to understand where the out object is located, for this max4live device. looking in docs, but still not finding. max newby, still...

any help appreciated
ahh, look at grabber sender...
Hey all,

The LiveGrabber plugins are now updated with new looks and a Learn button for the ParamGrabber.

LiveGrabber 2.4 looks like a great update, but I'm having some trouble making it work. The grabbers do not update/recognize tracks/ effects and do not detect the presence of Grabbersender. The ParamGrabber states (greyed out) that it's "Linked to Chorus", just like in your screenshots of the device. The same goes for TrackGrabber that stays "Linked to track 1-Audio". Version 2.1 works just fine (Live 8.2.1, Max 5.1.7). Am I missing something?
had it working in 8.1.4 but after installing the 8.2.2 update I can't get the devices into Live...

help is appreciated :)
Hey folks,

Sorry for not responding earlier ( doesn't seem to notify me of comments).

Please let me know if this issue persists in version 2.6 of the plugins with the latest version of Live and MFL.


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