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Name/Version: Pitch Bend Killer 1.0
Author: tomcosm  
Description: Tired of those pesky pitch bend automations sticking if you hit the stop button before it resolves, or your automation points are outside of your loop?

Sick of hitting play and hearing your bassline play at a totally different key than everything else?

Pitch Bend Killer can go before any device, and will reset the pitch bend to 0 every single time Live's transport is stopped.

It's very light weight, you could add it to your MIDI track default preset, but then again, you probably wont.

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Downloads: 1639
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Sep 12 2017 10:11:45
Date Last Updated: Sep 12 2017 10:59:23
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: M4L Tom Cosm - Pitch Bend Killer 1.0.amxd


Dude this. So much this.
Cheers Tom!

Thank you so much for the solution ... I was really very Sick of hitting play and hearing your "bassline play at a totally different key", finally I got it.. Thanks a lot..!

I wished I've seen this in September! Had to find my way throughout Clyphx to make this work too. Anyway great work Tom :)

Btw is it possible to make a plug that disables any automation being recorded in the MidiCTR?

I ask this because I'm automating the Mod wheel with a m4l device that's is locked to CC1 so everythime I record automation it gets recorded also in the Mod-Wheel under the midiCTR. So what happens is that I have to delete it from there everytime.

The reason why I prefer automating Mod-wheel in a device rather then in the midictr has to do with not being possible to reset midiCTR values from Clyphx.

Hey Tom, it seems like this device should send a 64 to Bendout, rather than 0.

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