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Name | Version: MIDI ChromatixT mr 0.05
Author: synthesizerwriter
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: This is a chromatic remapper: a way to alter the notes that are put into a following 'Scale' device so that you get variations. But in this case, these are variations where they can be controlled - set the number of bars before a new variation is generated, or hold the current bar if you like it.

Think of it as an automatic randomly generated chromatic map, where you control when a new map is generated. Musically, it provides variations on a monophonic step sequence and so can be used to generate melodies and other musical ideas. A little bit of potential inspiration in an increasingly strange world.

The left top selector sets the number of bars between the generation of a new mapping. The 'Auto/Fix' button either allows a new random map, or fixes the current one. The 'Generate' button creates a new random mapping of input notes to output notes.

You can edit the mapping, but it only allows chromatic maps! The tiny '!' in the lower right hand corner is a MIDI reset.

Demos at my SoundCloud:

Version 0.05 improves the bar tracking accuracy...


Live Version Used: 9.7.3
Max Version Used: 7.3.4
Date Added: Aug 20 2017 15:10:33
Date Last Updated: Jan 13 2018 18:29:49
Downloads: 1221
License: None
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Device File: MIDI_ChromatixT_mr_0v05.amxd


Hmmm... There's something going on in Live 10 that is different to 9.7, and those glitches are definitely not meant to be there!

Sorry about this.

I'm investigating...

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