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Name | Version: TRamp 1.0
Author: barstu
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: TRamp (Tempo Ramp)

Takes a note value and adds 60 (giving a range from 60 to 187) and then ramps the tempo to your target note. Velocity sets the speed of the ramp, lower values are faster. I want to set a velocity of 1 to instant but can't get that working for now (My 2nd patch so still learning the ropes).

Check out the url for an associated midi rack which labels your notes to the tempo they target.

This is based on the Live Tempo Automator v1.0 by Monty McMont -


Live Version Used: 8.2
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Oct 01 2010 17:01:25
Date Last Updated: Oct 01 2010 17:52:02
Downloads: 418
License: None
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Device File: TRamp.amxd

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