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Name/Version: Whammy IV MIDI Controller 1.0
Author: byebyeempire  
Description: The Whammy IV MIDI Controller is a Live device that let's you take over your Digitech Whammy pedal.

Simply connect your computer to your Whammy pedal's MIDI IN port via a USB to MIDI cable or something of that sort. Place this device on a MIDI track, and set the "MIDI To" dropdown menu to your connection cable.

The Whammy IV MIDI Controller has three modes: Manual, Sequencer, and Input.

In MANUAL MODE, simply click on the display to remotely change the program on you Whammy Pedal. The pedal can also be turned on and off by clicking the indicator light under "EFFECT" on the display.

SEQUENCER MODE allows you to change program settings and treadle position of the pedal in a time based manner.

The multislider bar graph controls the program changes. Any progression through these program changes will show up in the pedal display (Note: There is a slight audio dropout when changing programs; sometimes this is cool, sometimes it ain't). As the transport runs, a black dot will run across the top to show which step in the progression you're on. The progression can be shortened by clicking on the desired white dot in the top row. If you want the Whammy pedal to be on a particular setting during a sequence, but off, just hit off the corresponding white dot in the bottom row.

Next to the multislider bar graph is a function graph. Hint: This is the money section of this device. This is how you can change the treadle position of the pedal per step in your sequence. Send it up, down, something whacky -- you name it! Click in the graph to add new position points. The 16 numbered boxes to the top right of the device correspond to each step's treadle sequence. Initially, they are each set so that the pedal is toe down. If things get a little too messy, there's a handy RESET button that'll just reset that step's treadle data. I tried to step up the function graph so that you have twelve lines that roughly relate to each step in an octave, in case you want to get super precise with your toe position (it was calibrated for quarter notes at 120 BPM; it gets a little screwy otherwise, but you'll get the gist).

All the way on the right of the device is an approximation of what the treadle is doing, displayed as a slider.

The Global BPM can be set from this device, and the interval of the steps can also be changed; initially they are set as quarter notes (Note: changing either of these settings will reset any treadle data -- baaaaaad things would happen otherwise, trust me).

Finally, in INPUT MODE, you can send the device MIDI notes that'll be interpreted as treadle positions. To make things easy, the scaling is based on Middle C being the toe up position of the 1 Oct Up setting (otherwise known as the note you're playing on your guitar, unaffected).

So, for example, let's say you're playing a low E on your guitar, but send this device an "E" note through, say, a MIDI clip -- the Whammy will produce a G# note, up a fifth from your low E. Does this make sense? Not really? It's hard to explain in words, so just play around with it, you'll get it. I added a little hint box in the bottom right to make this a bit easier (hopefully).

If you want to add a little glide to how notes dance around in Input mode, check out the Input Portamento control.

Theoretically, you ~should~ be able to use a keyboard in order to control your Whammy in this mode (like a monophonic synth), but I don't have enough MIDI cable to test it out. Works well enough for me with MIDI clips, though.

That's about it for this version. Have fun! Let me know if there's any crazy bugs or any ideas you might want to see in future versions.

Demo video coming ~eventually~ !


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Downloads: 434
Tags hardware
Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Feb 09 2017 21:37:38
Date Last Updated: Feb 09 2017 23:23:03
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: WhammyIVMIDIController.amxd


Thanks! Cool stuff!

Hi, great idea!!!
I wanna try it now, but I've a Whammy 5 DT. Should it works on it?

I'll check tonight :)

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