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Name/Version: SA.Drift 1.0
Author: SirenAudio  
Description: Drift is a simple Max MIDI Device that applies a variety of modulation types to vary the pitch of incoming MIDI notes using pitch bend messages. It's useful for adding subtle, organic variations to harmonic parts. 

The device has the following parameters:

Trigger Type: When Retrigger is enabled and a MIDI note on message is received, the phase of the modulation waveform will be set to zero. When set to free, the modulation oscillator is free running. If the Sync type is set to ‘Sync’ and the Trigger Type is set to ‘Free’, then the transport must be playing in order to hear the modulation effect.

Sync Type: This menu sets the modulation frequency type. The frequency may be a free value (Hz) or synced to the current BPM (Sync).

Modulation Polarity: This menu sets the polarity of the modulation. This can be set to plus or minus values (oscillating around the center frequency), or just plus (above the center frequency), or just minus (below the center frequency).

Modulation Waveform Type: This menu sets the modulation waveform shape. There are sine, square, sawtooth, triangle, and random waveform types.

Modulation Waveform Frequency: This dial sets the frequency in Hz of the modulation waveform.

Modulation Waveform Sync: This dial sets the note value frequency synced from the current BPM.

Modulation Depth: This dial controls the amount of modulation applied to incoming MIDI notes.

Jitter Depth: This dial controls the amount of random noise (or jitter) applied to the modulation.

*If the device is turned off, the pitch of the instrument device may be above or below it’s standard pitch.

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Downloads: 1401
Tags effect
Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Aug 16 2016 08:11:10
Date Last Updated: Aug 16 2016 08:11:37
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: SA.Drift.amxd

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