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Name/Version: MIDI Note Send-Receive 1.0
Author: Metrosync  
Description: MIDI Note Send/Receive enables the transmission of individual MIDI notes from one track to another in Ableton Live; making it an ideal solution for sidechaining by negating the need to create multiple copies/variations of existing MIDI tracks to use specifically as trigger sources for various sidechained effects. This also makes it perfect for sidechaining in live scenarios as it provides the ability to change the pattern of the sidechain source in real time without affecting the action of the sidechained effect. Any number of receive devices can be used on different tracks simultaneously without interfering with each other. Multiple send devices can also coexist providing no two send via the same carrier channel in order to maintain isolation between trigger sources - unless the desired effect is to trigger the same sidechain target from a number of different sources. Depending on the architecture/functionality of the device the sidechain trigger signal is being sent it may still be necessary to create an additional MIDI track containing only the MIDI Note Receive device before routing the MIDI out signal of that track to the target track/device.

To activate one of the 15 transmission channels between send and receive devices first enable the chosen channel on the send device. Next, while the "Set/Ready" button reads "Set", enter the desired pitch value into the note box for the chosen channel - either by typing in the pitch or MIDI note number, clicking and dragging the note box or playing the note in from a MIDI controller/clip. Entering the pitch value either by typing or clicking and dragging will require you to manually switch the "Set/Ready" button to "Ready"; playing the note in will do this automatically. Finally, activate the corresponding channel on the receive device to create the connection.

A set of up to nine presets can be stored using the [preset] object to the right of the patch, while these preset sets can be stored and recalled using the "Save" and "Load" buttons. To save a preset in the [preset] object simply shift-click on any of the nine available squares; click on the same square again to load that preset. Once the preset has been loaded simply activate the corresponding notes in the receive device(s) to activate the connection(s) between sidechain target and source.

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Downloads: 691
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 9.2
Max Version Used: 7.0.4
Date Added: Jun 25 2016 19:16:40
Date Last Updated: Jun 26 2016 06:52:24
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Device File: MIDI Note

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