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Name/Version: Ned RUSH - Starter Pack - Generative Visuals 1.0
Author: IsotonikStudios  
Description: The conversation started “What if…” some three months later we’d collaborated on our best set of visualisers yet, and we haven’t finished yet!

The World Collection is a set of MaxforLive visualisers based around a World Viewer device which renders all of the individual modules output to one screen, this can then be beamed from a projector or output via the Syphon and Spout compatibility to VJ software like Resolume.


The World Viewer is the basis, and within it you can control Background Color, Saturation and Contrast along with a set of Visual FX to create feedback or a Kaleidoscopic output. We’ve also added the major controls from the individual World Modules so if you’d like you can dominate them all from just one device…!


Place them anywhere in your Ableton Live set and send them Audio (MIDI playable World Modules are on the cards to) they can sit on each Audio track or have them in Return tracks, place an AutoFilter or EQ before them and sculpt out the element of the signal you want them to react to, have one for the baseline another for Treble etc.

Then as you perform your set you can send the World Modules what ever Audio you want and see each one create their unique visualisation within the World Veiwer screen…. (personally i send the source audio to a return track which then bounces back to an audio track where i host a load of Dummy Clips to automate the module, sounds complicated? I’d best throw up a video at some point to explain myself!)


Each of the individual World Modules is available separately and we’ll continue to add to the line up over a period of time, you’ll need a World Viewer to start you off in every case so the Starter pack kicks of with…

WORLD VIEWER – Renders each of the individual World Modules to one Viewer window, send this via the Spout or Syphon compatibility or just drag the window to a second monitor or projector and let the audience see your performance come to life!

TEXTA – Designed to be used with dummy clips, when launched the Texta device reads the name of the playing clip and sends this to the World Viewer You have complete control over positioning, rotation, font, size, scale the list is exhaustive. Add in some automation to your clips and the text can roll and grow like your own Hollywood credit sequence…

MORPHAUDIO-AR – The AR stands for Audio Reactive, dial in your setting and then watch your chosen shape Morph along to the audio it’s fed. Set it’s position and depth in the 3D World of the World Viewer and then set it rotating to let it evolve and dance along…

3DWAVE-AR – It’s like a 3D Graphic Equaliser, like the MorphAudio-AR device it creates its visualisation in the foreground and like the other World Modules you can have multiple copies and have them react to separate Audio streams….

HYPERZORB-AR – Our first Background device (there’s more coming!) it’s inspiration came from the sport Sorbing whereby your sit in a giant inflatable ball and roll down a hill as the World spins around you. Add in a texture that pulses with the audio it’s fed (remember the -AR) and control over the texture of the Zorb and you can imagine yourself inside a gigantic Disco Ball…. Which of course your sharing the insides of with the output from the World Modules in your Live set!

And there you go, five MaxforLive Devices, a World Viewer and four World Modules to get you started at a bargain price for the lot, you’ll be back asking for more before you know it!!

Device Details

Tags video, dj
Live Version Used: 9.2
Max Version Used: 7.0.4
Date Added: May 21 2016 13:43:02
Date Last Updated: Mar 15 2019 07:59:03
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


All of this cats devices are incredible. Worth every penny. The possibilities with this one in particular are endlessly beautiful. I used it live the other night and got amazing feedback.

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