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Name | Version: DynaMixing FOUR 1.0
Author: IsotonikStudios
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: DynaMixing FOUR builds on the success of our previous range of Artificially Intelligent utilities designed to be a shrewd set of audio effect racks with streamlined workflow for potent mixing in mind…

- “Artificially Intelligent” processing
- Ultra-suave serial & multiband compression
- Add blissfully surgical or blithely random analog character
- Emulate distance and density
- Enhance low bass, stereo cohesion, and even “turn it up to eleven”

Devices included in the Ableton Live Pack:

3-Stage Compression – Go-to triple compression combo which works on just about any audio material and is ideal for audio with variant dynamic ranges (having sections with widely differing densities). First, it gently levels the overall gain and sets the stage for the following modules. Next, it curtails errant fast peaks. Thirdly, you can apply groove compression, setting the rhythm to pulse with the groove of the music flavorfully.

Auto Width Curtailer – A device which detects the stereo left-right difference and dynamically narrows the stereo width for increased cohesion – clarity – solidity. Useful for stems which have been spread a bit too wide. Mono sources will not be affected.

Eleven – Inspired by the film “Spinal Tap”, this rack consists of eleven devices in serial with interactive, complex macro-mapping for subtle and refined scultping of overall tone and vibe. Each parameter affects how the others respond as well. Good for mixbuss coloration duties. It’s the PerforModule take on the philosophy behind the “Sausage Fattener”.

Expandurator – A “parallel bandpass expander-saturator”, it focuses on and enhances a focus frequency point without disrupting the rest of the signal, perfect for increasing the perception of a part in a mix with minimal loudness alteration.
Similar to the “Exbandurator” from the “Ionic FX” pack, this is not as quick to implement but allows for extended control of the minimum and maximum frequencies affected, resonance, and analog drive, for increased fine-sculpting capabilities.

Flabber – A method to enhance bass by using a flanger affecting only the lowest frequencies. Yeah, it’s weird. But it works quite well.

Frequency Highlighter – Scan an audio part’s spectrum range with a steep bandpass filter to highlight frequencies which stand out (unpleasant resonances, in particular). You also have the “auto-sweep” version which has the capability to auto-scan so you can sit back and watch and listen and take note of which frequencies are at issue.

Froptical Compressor -Tone-massaging auto-optical multi compressor. Four frequency-dependent curves sculpt the overall tone semi-atumatically by pressing down on unbalanced frequencies more aggresively. It has a “tilt” function which is used to shift the balance of the four compressors and therefore the overall darkness or brightness in an exceedingly natural manner, leading this to be deemed “autonatural”.

Jitterator – “Jittery Saturator”. It bounces around to different frequencies, faux-emulating the fluctuation of some really poor analog gear.
Useful for adding random tone variation to otherwise boring parts. Works great to subtly “humanize” programmed drums, for example.

Near vs Far -Hints of the source being either closer or further away from the listener (whilst not altering the volume level) with various subtle psychoacoustic processes, including high- and low-frequency width alteration, subtle reverb & delay, transient smoothing, and a doppler pitch twist effect when automated.

Tight vs Dense – Effect which combines various processes to implement a “tighter” or “denser” vibe with one knob. You can also add in pre-calibrated reverb, or use it as a standalone reverb module for a return channel. Push towards “tight” for a more focused sound; push towards “dense” for a more thick, full sound.

To Peruse: Find all of the effects in the Live browser under “Audio Effects > Audio Effect Rack > Mixing & Mastering”, excpet for the “Frequency Highlighter” devices which will be under “Special” instead of “Mixing & Mastering”.

PLEASE NOTE: Installation of the Live Packs “M4L Building Tools” and “Max for Live Essentials” is necessary!


Live Version Used: 9.6
Max Version Used: 7.2
Date Added: May 21 2016 13:39:13
Date Last Updated: May 21 2016 13:43:24
Downloads: 3
License: Attribution
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