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Name/Version: Launchpad DrumSeq 1.1.23
Author: xanadu  
Description: A helpscreen is included. It needs a Novation Launchpad. Any comments are welcome.

Support at

Changes for co-operation with the Mentat Slice Drummer. The Mentat Slice Drummer is a MaxForLive device. It can be downloaded for free at

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Downloads: 14830
Tags drum, sequencer, hardware
Live Version Used: 8.2.1
Max Version Used: 5.1.7
Date Added: Jul 18 2010 12:12:23
Date Last Updated: Dec 26 2010 13:00:51
Average Rating (20) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionNoDerivatives

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Device File: Launchpad DrumSeq.1.1.23.amxd


By far the best sequencer for Launchpad so far, in my opinion. As easy to understand and control as to loose control and start playing. This is much more than a drumsequencer for me. Brilliant and thanxkz!

Hey man, this thing is awesome!

-Parameter controls: layout is fantastic. I noticed when automating that the live undo buffer is filling up. Could this be fixed ?
-Parameter allocations do not get saved. Could pattr solve this ?
-There is no room :-) but: bottom row: running light (maybe red?)
-Swing function would be nice ?

Congratulations on your well thought out concept!

Thanks AuralBee. You ask the right questions. I'm going to figure this out. These are the things that are not-so-obvious in Max, I think.

I have a meailaddress for thsi device now:

I agree, this is by far the best sequencer for launchpad so far.
Thank you very much for doing this. It's totally awesome.

And another vote for the running status light. ;-)

The second beta is ready.

>Parameter controls: layout is fantastic. I noticed when automating that the live undo buffer is filling up. Could this be fixed ?
- As far as I know that would need a live.remote (for every controlled parameter). These little gems eat so much CPU that my quad core intel 2.4 Ghz can't handle it. Even 2 or 3 parameter controls freezes the whole setup. Sorry.

>Parameter allocations do not get saved. Could pattr solve this ?
- Fixed. Keeping state between sessions gave me headaches, and I don't think I'm really done with it now. Keep asking questions please.

>There is no room :-) but: bottom row: running light (maybe red?)
- yes. Yellow/Amber, not red. Better for the eyes, I think.

>Swing function would be nice ?
- The Launchpad Drumseq follows the timing of Ableton Live. This means that loops and tempo changes work for the device. I think DrumSeq will follow Live's grooves as well, but this needs checking. But perhaps the drum should not always follow the general groove. It's possible to delay drumhits, but they can't be played before Live's timer says it's time.

If I add groove-control it must make sence, so I take my time for it.

(Now I need to find out how to get the updated device in this site)

You are fast, dude :-) !

Running light = awesome.

I tested saving parameter allocations in v 1.0.30: only upper pulldown setting (source) is saved. Device & parameter settings are defaulted upon opening a saved song.

Thanks man,

Hi AuralBee,

Sorry to hear that saving parameters doesn't work for you, I can't reproduce your error on my Quad core PC, Ableton Live 8.1.4 and MFL 5.1.3 (41767). Do you have a different setup?

There is grooving now. I have adopted Ableton Live's groove system. If you place a groove clip on the track with the DrumSeq and let it play or loop, the sequencer will play in time with the groove. If no groove is played the drumpseq will play again in straight mode. This means that all of Live's groove library is at your disposal and that you can play your own groove clips as well. In stead of groove templates you can also use MIDI clips with 16 well placed notes (pitch doesn't matter).

By playing grooves with 8 or 32 notes on a bar the DrumSeq can play in double and half speed. Five, Seven or eleven notes let the sequencer play odd signatures, but this needs some experimentation.

Hey Xanadu,

Aha, I have the exact same setup,except: MFL 5.1.4.
Now that you mention it, I lost the same functionality in another app as well, so it must be a Max thing!

Groove: what an excellent idea, much better than a simple swing function! Gonna try that for sure. Thanks again.

Hello AuralBee,

Thanks for pointing out I did not have the latest version of MFL. I must have overlooked the update. Now we're on par with MFL 5.1.4.

In 5.1.3 my Launchpad was by default recognized by the DrumSeq, no more in rthe new version. And I do loose the target settings now on parameter_controls now.

So MFL 5.1.3 and 5.1.4 are not full upward compatible because some functionallity is broken after upgrading to MFL 5.1.4. I will post to C'74 to get support on this.

But here's the good news.

When I apply MPC 57% it sounds really groovy now, where this was less convincing in MFL 5.1.3. Or am I dreaming? I can have all versions of Live at the same time on my computer, but I can only have one version of MFL. I hope MFL really improved on latency and concurrency.

Hi Mr X,

Yep, it's a C'74 bug, I stumbled across this:

I guess they'll fix it in 5.1.5...

I tested grooves briefly, but it seems to work, cool!

Hi AuralBee,

Cycling '74 already fixed it. There are 'Incremental Object Updates' at . You need the update for 'pattr'. Pattr is widely used, so I suggest to go and get it. On Windows the .mxe files go to C:\Program Files\Cycling '74\Max 5.0\Cycling '74\max-externals .

After updating the device works correctly in MFL 5.1.4.

Thanx, I did and it works. (Think I only lost the running light)

Hmm lost the running light, and strange note behavior after updating to 5.1.4. Notes on beat 1 gets repeated again on 17 even though no note is marked on beat 17.
If beat 17 is marked beat 33 gets triggered and again 33 triggers 49.

Yep. The running light is a bug which is fixed. I'm working on automation of the 12 parameters and patterns (parts of the 4 bar squence). I think an update will be available saturday or sunday.

Jkspost, where you using a groove when you got strange triggers?

Hey Xanadu,

Nope, no groove. I also tried updating the Max files as mentioned above, no luck though.
As for now 1.0.40 is unfortunately useless for me, so I'm back to .30 for now :-)
Thx. Looking forward.

Ps. I'm using Mac OSX if it's any help.

The new version 1.0.86 is a bugfix release.
- The running light is working again
- The Param control has been completely rewritten
- A half-speed mode is added
- The help file is not updated yet
- Some now controls have to be added to the Launchpad
- Automation is not working

King Regards,


The first full version of the Launchpad drum sequencer is released now.

New features:

- The help file is updated
- Clip-automation is working now

The first full version of the Launchpad drum sequencer is released now.

New features:

- The help file is updated
- Clip-automation is working now

The first full version of the Launchpad drum sequencer is released now.

New features:

- The help file is updated
- Clip-automation is working now

Thank you very much for your drum sequencers !!!

this is some very cool stuff,just jamming around with it and it works pretty good! when its stands my tests,it will become part of my liveact very soon :-)

Don't hesitate to report your testing results and wishlist for enahancements.

hi, have a bug here . everything good good as i don't use more than 16 steps. with more steps the "step light" on the patch just "teleport" . and it's unusable .
have max for live 5.1.4 with updated pattr , combine , things on cycle. with live 8.1.1
max says :
live.path : set path: invalid path
and live.object call send value 0 7 63 no validobject set.
i can send a movie to see that ;)

Please send the movie to LaunchpadDrumSeq@site4fun



That must be

BRILLIANT STEP SEQUENCER in combination with drumfire by modul8tor :)

1 request: Would it be possible to eraee the edit of previous 4 row when switching to another slot of 4 row, the superposition on the launchpad made it impossible to use the 7 slots...

thx for your reply


Please explain this a bit. What do you mean by 'erase the edit of previous 4 row when switching to another slot' and 'the superposition on the launchpad made it impossible to use the 7 slots'?


Thank you for your brilliant step seqencer. Very good work.
Im a newbie with MFL and work with Live 8.2.1 and MFL 5.1.7 on mac.
I have found 2 possible bugs in the step sequencer:

- the first row of the launchpad matrix have no function and no visual feedback, so i cant select notes in row one.
- i can save a pattern, but i cant reopen it. the file name in the file-dialog is disabled.

Hope my description helps, maybe it have something to do with the newest MFL Version.




I can't reproduce your first issue. I'm on a Windows XP 32 bit, Live 8.2.1. I've tested this on and MFL 5.1.6 and 5.1.7. I'm able to program drumhits on 4 rows of the Launchpad which show up on the Launchpad, on the screen and are output to my speakers.

Your second issue is caused by the filetypes MFL wishes to recognize. A drumpattern is saved with a .LPDRUMPAD extension. To load it back first choose filetypes *.* in the openfile dialog.

Sorry I can't give you a clue for the first issue.

Kind regards,


@ Xanadu,
i was my fault for the first issue. I had a old controller assignment in my midi setting. Sorry for that(embarrassing ;-))

For the second issue: Its not possible to choose the filetype in the openfile dialog in MFL for mac.
So i changed the filetype to .maxpresets in your Javascript.
Now it works for me. I hope this is ok for you?

Kind regards,


Hello Dewdisco,

I'm gladto hear your Launchpad is working now.

Your problem with .LPDRUMPAD is most likely an issue for all Apple users. I can't test it on a Windows machine, so in the next release I will change the extension to .MAXPRESET like you did.



Hi Xanadu,
Thanks a lot for the fast update. I will try it
this evening at home.

Kind regards,


Hi Xanadu,
i have another problem. Now i see the running light in the user2 page(thats ok ;-)) but i also in the session page of the launchpad(bottom line) and in the user 1 page the arm button(bottom right corner) blinks.
This is very annoying. I dont know is it my fault or is it your device.

Kind regards,


same here, on session and user 1 page
wanna say thanks to you xanadu, made a real usefull patch.

one idea for an evolution.
midified button to memorise and recall "on the fly" , pattern.
16 should be great. ;)

Hi dewdisco and Zengel,

The running light is fixed now in version 1.1.15.

Are you asking for an undo function for the pattern? Or are the curent 64 steps max not enough?

At the moment I'm working on the Mentat Slice Drummer (it's at ). It's inspired by Fxpansions Guru and Ghost. This device should become a natural partner for the drum sequencer.


hi xanadu; thanks for answering so fast!

using 64 is enough for a pattern (enough and cool)

i was talking about saving the whole 64 pattern ... in 16 distinct memories .
then 16*64 pattern, that could be saved and recalled "on the fly" via midi.

one pattern of 64 is great to make variation on pattern...

but the ability to change the whole pattern just on one button. that's should be great. 16 small button with just number 1 to 16 , "midifiable" , then on a midi controler or on "key assignation" buton , or whatever usable to push the button.

just push and change the whole pattern on the fly.
push again and save. push load..push save...with two color?
and if it could be synchronised to the tempo...

that's just an idea, but it could be cool i think .

version 1.1.15 works greats no more bug for me.
thanks a lot!

thanks for the update!

thanks for the fast update


Thanks for the positive remarks.

I like the idea of memorized patterns.

My first priority is now on having presets for different drummachines. User presets are welcome at LaunchpadDrumSeq@site4fun .

The Mentat Slice Drummer is approaching beta now. The next update will have 2 * 7 pads and work together wich the drumseq.


well done!

hi Xanadoo. i tested your last update.

i saw you tried to addapt my idea of the save recall "on the fly" with the pitch shifting . i'm flattered . should be really usefull now on the pattern. but if it could be possible to let the user asseign midi control on the bullets ...we would have the "on the fly" and it would be so cool!

i have one more idea concerning the assignment on the launchpad.
i love the way you let the user use the button on the left to assign the pad and velocity . but for example i use more than 7 pad for a drum set (near 16 ;) ), and it is possible with the pitch shifting to assign more than 7 on more than one row... but it is impossible for one row to assign more than 7 pad and i thought about a way to assign up to 16 pad on one row.
let name the button on the left (to make things easy to understand) "vol, pan, sndA,sndB,stop ,track on, solo,arm" this way "A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H"
let say the buton "A,B,C,D" are a menu selector button and the button "E,F,G,H" are selections buttons for the selected menu .
Let say , only 2 button could be pushed on the "A,B,C,D" (menu) at a time .
let say , pushing button "A" then "B" (the two are "ON" then) is different from pushing "B" then "A"...the first exemple we are on the "A" menu and the second exemple we are on the "B" menu... to know in witch menu we are, just change the color? when we push the "A" first the button become green and the B,C,D if pushed in second turn or yellow? then we know in what menu and sub-menu we are.

then let say menu "A" is the menu of the pad selection .

push "A" (it turn green)
button "B,C,D" are "off"
then button "E,F,G,H" are the 1,2,3,4 pad.

"A" is on then "B" , "A" is green and B is red...
then button "E,F,G,H are the 5,6,7,8 pad.

then push "C" , "A" is green ,"B" turn off and "C" turn red
then button "E,F,G,H are the 9,10,11,12 pad.

then push "D" , "A" is green , "C" turn off "D" turn red
then button "E,F,G,H are the 13,14,15,16 pad.

that is for the "A" pad menu...

this way you could also use the "A" menu as the velocity with "16" steps of velocity ?

that is for the "A" menu...and the "B" and "C" and "D" menu should be used for a lot of things to.
put in it things like , "loop star and loop stop"

it's a way to make your device more "user friendly" i think
but it's just an idea that could be great for me , it's just a point of view ;)

i post this idea here cause i think your device could be one of the most usefull for me...THE step sequencer for M4L ...And it take the way to .
thanks for all the things you done and all the things you will do.

one idea in my idea (i know it's just dream but i loved it).
let say the B menu is the pitch shifting set menu...
then 16 useable button to recall 16 pitch shifting set... for 16 mutch power in the hand!!!
everything is possible this way...

eurh..there is a small bug finally (the last one i saw)
the "teleport" bug is always here when you clic on the "half speed button".
that's all ;)

hi Xanadu. i'm testing everything on your patch .
now others bug.
-the paramsetting don't save with the set correctly :
for example
after selecting devices and what parameter of the devices to control . after selecting the "min" "max" boundary on the parameter control (for example min 0% and max 100%) and after saving the project and after re-loading it.

the devices and witch parameters to control are saved but the "min" "max" value of the parameter isn't saved and we have min and max set by default (0% and 0%)

second bug.
i build a pattern and save it and give the name "toto pattrn"
i clear it (or close the project) then i open it again (or i load again the project and load the pattern) . it work, i have my pattern.
now i want to change a little the way the pattern play , i clear some notes and put some to, then i want to save the updated pattern with the same name.
then i close the poject (or i clear the pattern) and i load it again. here is the bug, the saved pattern didn't update. i have the first created one and not the updated one.
...And i must save with another name to save the updated pattern.

and now not a bug but an other idea. it should be could to have a way to change the param pattern on the fly for one pattern...
for example i create a pattern from 1 to 16 and use the "aux 1" control to control a "beat repeat grid parameter" then i create a pattern of the drum and the pattern of the parameter.
now imagine i could create not, one but 4 or 8 (or more...16? ;) ) parameter pattern for a single pattern of 16 then i can change "on the fly" (here we gooo !! again) the way the parameter evolve for a single pattern of drum...
hope it's know i'm french and my english is not perfect.
and i really love your work

one more. (not a bug bug)
when we select a parameter on the param control (say a "beat repeat" and "the grid param") . it would be cool to have the ability to select nothing (and clear this parameter to control nothing.)
once we select something, the only way to unselect it , is to select something else...but not "nothing".
that's all for today.
sorry i certainly said a lot of things for your devices , enough for a year of work no? or more...

Hello guys,

Thanks for your ideas, downloads and the wonderful rating of the drumseq. This really keeps me goning.

But now the sad news.

First I bought a new touchscreen. Then my computer got broke (unrelated, probably) and went to the repair service. The verdict is: motherboard broken. It will take some time to get it up and running again, so please be patient on updates.

Happy new year,


thanks to you willem, for your great work
hope your computer work again sooner.

I hope you get back to this because this is an awesome awesome tool for the launchpad and exactly why I got it. The versatility that can be done with it for live beat making (if you know what you're doing) is amazing. A couple bugs I've noticed I thought should be updated on in case you come back.

When you switch to half speed the loop appears to be stuck in half bar looping mode and breaks it.

The button combinations with the ABC and #3 button do not work.

Some ideas I'd like to see:
Holding on the the the assignment buttons and rows applies that to the whole row. This could also be used with the last button to clear the entire row.

Also holding the clear button you should be able to clear an entire section somehow. Maybe be pressing another one of the row buttons if possible.

I will try to learn max for live and understand this thing somehow so maybe I can implement these because this is such an amazing tool and has become and integral part of my music making and performance.

hi, just to confirm what version of live and max will is needed for seq to work?

WOW. It took me a while to figure out, but once I did it just all made total sense. Thank you for your wonderful creation; I've been groovin' away for the last three hours with this, an 808 and th' SkinnerBox. Nice implementation of Groove engine.

Hi there,

I have just downloaded it and am browsing the functions, is it possible to disable the 'User 2' button controlling the start and stop and make it start stop to live?
I just want to leave it running but also use my automap layout. I can't switch to my automap layout without using the 'User 2' Button and I don't want the sequencer to stop unless Live does.

I have been playing around in Max, but I can't seem to figure it out. These launchpad devices are more complicated than I am used to!

Kind Regards

Hi there,

I have just downloaded it and am browsing the functions, is it possible to disable the 'User 2' button controlling the start and stop and make it start stop to live?
I just want to leave it running but also use my automap layout. I can't switch to my automap layout without using the 'User 2' Button and I don't want the sequencer to stop unless Live does.

I have been playing around in Max, but I can't seem to figure it out. These launchpad devices are more complicated than I am used to!

Kind Regards

Hi xanadu,

Thanks for a great device, have been looking for a sequencer for my launchpad for a while now and this is the best I've tried by far!

Have a strange issue however, the param controls section does not list the parameters of the device. I can choose my device ok, but the parameter box below remains empty with no options. So I cannot map any parameter controls...

I am running Ableton 8.2.2 with M4L 5.1.9. Do you have any how I could fix this please?

Many thanks!

Hey xanadu,

Love this plugin thank you a million times!

I don't know why,but there seems to be a bug on my setup. When I am programming the drums on the launchpad everything works fine except that when I want to turn a step off I have to press it twice. As opposed to when I turn on a step only one press is required.

Does anyone know what could be causing this problem?


I'm new to max for live and i don't know if what I'm suggesting is even possible but could you do a version that works on the user 1 cause I use the user 2 for the launchpad stepseq for doing the bass lines. it would be awesome to use those 2 simultaneously.


Your observation is correct. One push is for setting a drum. Two pushes will delete then. One press always sets a drum, two pushes is a shortcut for putting them of with first going to 'no drum' mode.

User 1 mode is a special mode for using the pads of the Launchpad as drumpads. It has a different MIDI layout. So the answer must be that only User 2 Mode is available for a free user asignment of the pads. The standard Launchpad Control Surface is using User 1 Mode for it's own wicked purposes.

hey xanadu,

thanks for your response. Is there a way to set it so one push will turn it off? If not, can you tell me where in the code I can change that? I am new to max, but I have been working at figuring your plugin out, so if you know how to change it, I can do it myself with small instructions possibly.


hey one more thing actually.

I've been using drumseq for making beats in realtime and I had an idea for something really useful. Would it be possible to use a midi track in ableton to send command signals to the drumseq in order to tell it to start and loop at different positions in the pattern matrix? Because if it was, then you could use the session mode in the launchpad controller to trigger different beats without having to switch to user2 just to switch the pattern.


DrumSeq Notemap

I have put up my DrumSeq Notemap complementary utility device at

I personally was not satisfied with the pitch settings workflow using menus, note values and the mouse. I wanted to dynamically teach in notes on the fly using only the Launchpad and external hardware instruments as a tighter way to hook them together:

Play a sound on any of the configured instruments, dynamically assign it to one of the 7 DrumSeq notes using only the Launchpad, incrementally build up the pattern while the sequencer is running, optionally reassign a note to another note or even another instrument without touching the mouse or looking at the computer monitor.

Am I right in thinking this doesn't work in Live 9?

It's not working for me - Launchpad "step" buttons don't light up.

Looks like a great device though!

Have the same issue. I guess developer needs to update it to the new Live 9 version ...

New to Max but cannot make this work in Live 9. Is it just me?

Same for me with snowleopard leds are ok but nothing done when i push...

this looks so rad, but doesn't work for me on live 9 either.

Yes, sadly not working in Live 9.1/Max6.1.5

I have crying eyes

Still not working on Live 9 + Max 6.1.5
Looks brilliant though ! Please update this !

Hi, this looks like exactly what I need. Will you be updating it for Live 9?

is there anything like this for a launchpad pro?

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