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Name | Version: YEAH multichannel audio with m4l-devices WOW 1.0
Author: rbrt23
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Here's a link to a construction-kit I did for creating multi-output m4l-devices.
it's an O.K. working hack to get around the fact that we cannot build m4l-devices with more than 2 outputs.

the minimum latency possible is the audiobuffer-size of your soundcard,and this latency is fixed (unlike plugsend~/receive)

credit me if you use it
pay my rent if you get rich by using it


Live Version Used: 9.2
Max Version Used: 7.0.6
Date Added: Oct 30 2015 15:48:32
Date Last Updated: Oct 30 2015 15:49:22
Downloads: 3

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License: Attribution
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