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Name/Version: Polygome for Monomod .94
Author: amounra  
Description: Polygome by Stretta.

Check the original docs if you want to know what this does.

This device is a modular plugin for Monomod. It requires that plugin as a host, as well as a Launchpad or iPad with TouchOSC, to work.

I've adapted it in many ways for use in m4l. You can run multiple instances, it will remember its saved states and store presets, and each individual part will display on the control surface as a different color. There are two hold buttons now, instead of one, for ease of use on an 8x8 grid (I wil probably add the other two bottom corners in future versions).

I have removed a lot of functionality from the original version. This patch has been ported around so many times within my setup (its a pre m4l port for me) that I really don't even remember all the things that I've done to it.

Modes on the top left of launchpad are 1=play, 2=record, 3=duration, 4=velocity/step.

Presets should work fine if you load them and save them from the plugin window, but really, you should just save the device using Live's preset manager. It works just as well.

I haven't been using this much lately, so please let me know about bugs. I know there must be some.

b93 @ 071510: updated GUI, added new timing engine, swing bypass, modified preset storage.

b94 @ 090610: fixed a couple of default settings that were probably tripping people up (like loop count defaulting to 1). Added compatibility for monomodular_b94 and autodetection, etc.

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Downloads: 2027
Tags sequencer
Live Version Used: 8.1.5
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Date Added: Jun 17 2010 21:33:56
Date Last Updated: Sep 07 2010 01:03:35
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercial

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Device File: gome_b94.amxd

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