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Name/Version: SpecD 0.01
Author: synthesizerwriter  
Description: SpecD is a stereo dual-stage pitch-shift/chorus echo, and if you shuffle those initial letters up you get SpecD, which sounds like it might be an 80s Japanese audio effects unit.

Actually, it's one of my early attempts to try and incorporate all of the useful (possible?) echo control and feedback controls, add pitch-shift/chorus, and an LFO-controlled pan section - and put everything in one audio effect.

There's lots of controls, lots of flexibility (you can invert the channels of the initial stage, for example, and you can control the feedback within a channel or the 'crossback' feedback across the two stereo channels), and more. High tweakiness.

Putting the chorus inside the two echo/delay stages gives a bit of analogue tape flutteriness, and the auto-pan is just one of my weaknesses (some people use too much reverb: I use too much auto-pan...).

If I was doing this from scratch now (this is an old project resurrected from a corner of a hard drive) then I'd try to reduce the number of controls, and to give more guidance to the user on how all the bits fit together. Instead, I've left it in its raw unpolished state and just updated the user interface to a modern-looking 'dark' look.

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Downloads: 1634
Tags effect, other, beta
Live Version Used: 8.4.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.9
Date Added: Jul 25 2015 19:00:05
Date Last Updated: Jul 25 2015 19:06:58
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Device Type: audio_device
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Device File: SpecD_0v01_mr .amxd

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