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Name/Version: Sustainer 1.24
Author: luddy  
Description: This is a simple MIDI effect that converts CC64 (sustain pedal) into note duration on the fly. It is intended to solve a couple problems with Live's MIDI implementation, namely that (1) when the transport stops, notes held by the sustain pedal are not released, and (2) CC64 messages are difficult to deal with in the piano roll editor, e.g., they aren't moved by the quantize / groove / stretch commands.

The device removes all CC64 messages from the incoming MIDI stream, produces a MIDI output stream with note durations that reflect the sustain pedal movements, and sends note-off for pending notes when the transport stops. It also optionally filters out channel pressure, pitch bend, and program change messages (red box = filtered; green == unfiltered; click to toggle). Finally it displays (white boxes) the MIDI messages it receives.

It's intended to be used "upstream" of a record-armed MIDI track, so that CC64 events never reach the MIDI clips. For example, put this in a MIDI track fed by keyboard controllers, and select this track as an input for tracks that you're recording using the sustain pedal.

It can also be used "downstream" of a MIDI clip that contains CC64 events, simply to fix the problem of hanging notes when the transport stops.

(updated to treat extended pitch bend messages.)

(updated to fix bug in CC event timing.)

(updated once more to work around a bug in the M4L observer code whereby a spurious 'STOP' message is sent by the API 20ms after the transport is started by the user. introduced a 100ms de-bounce to work around this problem)

(updated to allow the settings of the filter LEDs to be saved when the device is dragged into Live's browser)

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Downloads: 1220
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 8.1
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Date Added: May 22 2010 04:25:11
Date Last Updated: May 26 2010 01:16:26
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: M4L Sustainer.amxd


I was looking for downstream sustain converter, i will give this a try, great to have it, thanks!

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