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Name/Version: Launchpad interface 1.0
Author: xanadu  

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Downloads: 2993
Tags utility, hardware
Live Version Used: 8.1
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Date Added: May 14 2010 12:07:03
Date Last Updated: May 15 2010 07:04:14
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: wjl.launchpad_interface.amxd


hey, 'ill reveive mine next week, so thanks a lot for the work !!

Xanadu, i?ve messing around with your device and it shows a great skill in the knowledge of the launchpad, but as you mention in the info, it needs some kind of specific use.
Anyway, good worked! :)

I?d like to point you to some kind of "note input device", in the style of, but with the launchpad instead a qwerty keyboard...
...with part of the novation fixed to show a "keyboard" wich indicates the root note, the right buttons as scale choosers, and the rest to get something looking like this layout

Let me think what do you think about this. & if you maybe thouhg i would be helpping you anyway, take that 4 sure ;)

(I would liked contact you by mail for this purpose, excuse me, i couln?t)


Thanks for your reaction and kind words.

I downloaded the Samchillian. I'got it working. The letters of the keyboard are transformed into MIDI notes. It also reacts to a MIDI-in channel. It does some transposing and you you repeat the same note it will output a different note every time. But I don't really understand what the program is doing.

I suppose this program can be rewritten for the Launchpad in MFL. As I don't understand the proper workings I will not do this myself right now.

At the momnet I'm thinking of implementing a realtime drumpattern editor and other sequencer like devices.

To prevent getting more spam I don't leave my email address at forums. Sorry for this.


This is fantastic tool to customize the Launchpad.
How to use it in "user mode 1" ?

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