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Name/Version: bounds 1.1
Author: tkrworks  
Description: Please look at demonstration video.

This is the app ported 'boiingg' to M4L.
The boiingg is a bouncing midi pattern generator
monome app written by Jules(pixelmechanic).

boiingg document

Pixelmechanic site

If you want to use bounds with 256 or 128h, please change height menu from 8 to 16.

-- ChangeLog --
v1.1 supported monome256 and 128height.
v1.0 added menu to switch original mode and trigger-invert mode.
v0.9 bug-fix the pitch, vel and dur of each rows.
v0.8 bug-fix the step-velocity.
v0.7 bug-fix the note-off timing.
v0.6 Appended the note-off sustain mode.
v0.5 Appended the step velocity function.
v0.4 first release.

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Downloads: 3872
Tags synth, drum, sequencer, other, hardware, dj
Live Version Used: 8.2.1
Max Version Used: 5.1.7
Date Added: Apr 22 2010 08:15:31
Date Last Updated: Jan 06 2011 18:38:46
Average Rating (5) 4
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionShareAlike

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Device File: bounds.amxd


luv u !!!!

I got an Tenori-On and love it?s "Bounce" mode. But with a Monome, Arduinome, Block, Launchpad and your ported Boiingg you can actually do so much more than on a Tenori. This is fun! Thank you very much for your bounds128w patch.

I can`t find the download, the link is going back to here!

Thanks for porting this. It really is excellent.

thanks for this!
Any chance to see a 256 version?? xD

any chance of an update?
the speed doesn't seem to work and the pitch isn't being saved with the device

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