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Name/Version: Pitch Progression Grid mr 0.1
Author: synthesizerwriter  
Description: WARNING - This is an experimental device. It does not follow the Live UI metaphor properly (the notes in a track change 'in situ'). It will glitch. It is not 'production-ready'. Use with care!

Pitch Progression Grid is a MIDI Effect that requires a sequence (one bar in this version) to be present in the same track. It then transposes that track at a bar rate (or you can run it asynchronously if you dare), repeating each transposition 1 or more times (set by the 'Repeat' control.). The transposition in this version is crude - it transposes chromatically, so for a transpose setting of 1 semitone, then every MIDI note input will be transposed by 1 semitone. Future versions may be more flexible and do more musically useful transpositions.

The transpose change takes place at the end of the bar. You should not have any notes in the last part of the bar - the 'Position' control sets where the transpose changes. If you set it to 50% then it will happen in the middle of the bar. The normal position is at 99.2%, right at the end of the bar.

You can set the number of steps that the transpose will use. The example screenshot shows 4 steps, arranged as transpositions of 5ths up and down. The sequencer is limited to 32 steps.

The sequencer can also adjust velocity using the top right hand button. Remember that this is not a conventional 'sequencer' - it advances by one step for every bar when set to 1/1 and Sync. (It advances less slowly if you set the Repeat to more than one bar.)

Sustained notes longer than a bar may not work correctly (remember the no notes in the last part of the bar limitation.) Remember - it works well when there are notes or chords in the main part of the bar and there is a gap at the end of the bar.

If you want to transpose another track in sync, then use the Pitch Progression Follow MIDI Effect in that track. This will receive the transpositions from the 'master' Grid Effect track and apply them to the notes in the 'Follow'ing track. There is some delay in the transfer, so notes at the start of the 'Follow'ing track may not be transposed until the following bar (try moving the position to a lower value...).

More detailed instructions are on the Synthesizerwriter blog...

This effect is very much work-in-progress. Feedback, corrections and fixes for my many errors and oversights will be warmly received.

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Downloads: 708
Tags utility, other, beta
Live Version Used: 8.4.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.9
Date Added: Jan 16 2015 14:38:41
Date Last Updated: Jan 16 2015 17:38:14
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Device File: Pitch Progression Grid mr 0v01.amxd

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