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Name | Version: Rhythm Pattern Editor v2 1.03
Author: hyakken
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: version 2 of RhythmPatternEditor
free update fo v1 user

There are 2 version of v2(normal, light).
Light version doesn't have LFO and some of futures.
Instead of that loading time is shorter.

*If you haven't received download link,
please check your spam folder.



v1.01b improved loading time, added light version
v1.02 revers running mode didn't work correctly(fixed)
v1.03 LFO and setall value didn't worrk correctly(fixed)

added RPEv3


Live Version Used: 9.1.6
Max Version Used: 6.1.9
Date Added: Dec 18 2014 17:37:59
Date Last Updated: Jul 16 2015 17:40:04
Downloads: 3
License: Attribution
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No download link. anywhere
No download link. anywhere

Have you received download link?

where's the download link?

the link here redirects to your blog... with no way to get the device

Normally after payment, paypal window will jump to download link.
And I also send download link manually in case paypal link doesn't work.
If you don't receive download link over 24hrs after payment.
Please send message to me.
gome00su at

You should put a link to purchase on the blog post for v2, which this links to. I had to click from that post to the original post on v1 in order to see the purchase link. Also, put one both at the top and the bottom of the posts.

Thank you for your suggestions.
I will try to improve site usage.

I really like this sequencer, but it's missing pattern automation :( it would be nice to see that in the future update.
Thanks in advance!

For this version, it's hard to add pattern sequence function.
I will try to add it in ver3.

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