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Name/Version: Binomial Sequencer 1.2
Author: ndivuyo  
Description: This is a sequencer that uses binomial coefficients.
It is a diatonic interpretation of the numbers. If there is enough interest, I'm into making a chromatic version.
It has many bells and whistles that sequencers have to get more variety, otherwise the sequence is limited to the binomial coefficient sequence. You may freeze, sustain and repeat notes as well.

It also has a mode I made: in 'constant' mode notes play through the sequence at whatever rate you select (like normal.) But if you switch to 'wait' mode, the step sliders at the bottom kick in, and they determine what rate each corresponding note is played at. Underneath you can choose the sequence to loop back to the start after a determined number of bars, or if set to zero, it loops when the sequence is done. It's experimental, so have fun with it.
Also presets and randomization are implemented as well. *Some presets you need to load twice if the rate didn't load properly (switching between modes).
Feel free to improvement or do what you want with it.


**Sorry guys but I just cannot get the storage presets to reload when you save the patch and reload it. If a greater mind wouldn't mind improving this, it would be much appreciated. Otherwise, you can just make presets for one set and not save them! (good thing this is experimental)

**Update 1.2* Fixed errors, now randomization and storage recollection is more accurate for vel and dur values. Also moved the base octave down (it was one too high)!
*update 1.1 definitely forgot the editing buttons: arrows/copy paste in there now
*Also fixed a problem with the connection of the 3rd duration knob, sorry bout that


more of my stuff:

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Tags sequencer, other
Live Version Used: 9.1.5
Max Version Used: 6.1.8
Date Added: Oct 26 2014 17:14:18
Date Last Updated: Oct 27 2014 21:54:33
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Device File: Binomial Sequencer.amxd


Wow what a great sequencer!!!!
I use it for random-music
see on

It was my first max only device! :)

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