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Name | Version: Exhibition.Master 1.0
Author: monolake
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Time based fade in/out and transport control. Created for an installation project. Starts the transport of Live at a given daytime, and fades in the audio signal of its chain / track. Fades out those channels at a specified later point in time and stops transport. There is a ml.exhibition_master device that allows to set up everything and a ml.exhibition_slave device that can be used if more than one stereo channel needs to be controlled in multichannel installations.


Live Version Used: 8.1
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Mar 08 2010 07:00:52
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 1489
License: None
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Device File: ml.exhibition_master.amxd


my retro quadrophonic speeching scarecrow robot installation will take advantage of these two brilliant timer patches. thank you monolake from john and stockholm
was this used by robert at last year's mutek show ?
the one with the ballon array..
or rather,was anything built in max used at all ?
Can't you give direct access to mappable parameters with a separate little window or something?
woops - wrong plugin i commented on there, sorry...

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