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Name/Version: ONE SLIDER CAN 1.0
Author: bilaldeledakrew  
Description: One Slider Can is a didactic device which shows 5 ways to use a slider/knob.


First midi map a slider to ONE SLIDER CAN


Map 2 parameters by clicking MAP and then the choosen parameter
Choose MIN/MAX values


Map 2 parameters, they will toggle On or Off when you move your slider up or down

Active Trigger Off On Borders if you want your parameters to be off when your slider is totally up or totally down


Choose a note and a trigger time for triggering them each time you reach the top or bottom border
time 0.00s = OFF

You can optionally triggers a note with the same time when you quit the border.
This note is the one just before the choosen one. (i will update this one day to be able to choose it too)


Choose a note, you can trigger and hold it when you stay on top border.
The note is stopped when you quit the top border.


Choose notes and times for your triggers
time 0.00s = OFF

Active the counter, set a Max value

Now a note count (8 maximum) is triggered when you hit the bottom border, this count is reseted when you hit the top border
You can also reset it manually

Try it with Kicks and Hi-Hats on bottom and a snare on top !

Enjoy and share !

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Downloads: 514
Tags effect, utility, dj
Live Version Used: 9.0.2
Max Version Used: 6.1.1
Date Added: Feb 04 2014 09:36:03
Date Last Updated: Feb 04 2014 12:32:38
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: BILAL ONE SLIDER CAN.amxd


It doesn't seem to be mapping correctly. It shows the name of what's mapped, but the actual knob i mapped isn't greyed out an doesn't move when i move the one slider

Did you active the ON (on my plug) for the effect you've mapped ? If the name appear, it should work correctly. It's normal that the parameter isn't greyed because i use a mapping section witch allow multiple mappings (the parameter isn't locked to only one max effect) and the original knob of the parameter can still be moved by itself

or did you correctly set MIN/MAX ?

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