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Name/Version: Moog Little Phatty Editor 1.0
Author: moemoe  
Description: Device to control the Moog Little Phatty via Midi from Ableton Live. Put it on a Midi Track routed to your LP and have the audio return on another channel or use Ableton‘s External Instrument Device after the Moog Little Phatty Editor if you want a single channel setup.  

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Downloads: 1580
Tags hardware
Live Version Used: 8.1
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Jan 19 2010 20:31:22
Date Last Updated: May 15 2023 20:07:02
Average Rating (1) 1
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

Device Files

Device File: Moog Little Phatty.amxd


Could something like this be done for the moog voyager?

i try the plug-in with my slim phatty and i can tweak everything but i have no sound. can you help me please? thanks! :)

does not work for me .. can you explain set up please?

Ok guys I am back from a rather long break as far as my devices are concerned but I haven?t been lazy at all and have pimped my max skills quite a bit in the meantime. I am about to update the 2 editor devices I am offering and am reviewing a lot of little devices I patched together in order to release them in the near future. As my explanation how to set things up seem to be a little unclear & many of you have asked how to set things up I will provide detailed information about these things as well, probably by providing an Ableton Project in addition to the devices as well - promised. As all this was, is and will be quite time consuming I am considering to implement a (very) decent monetisation model to keep myself motivated and would like to hear from you guys what you think about that. In the meantime have fun & stay safe! Greetz Moe

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