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Name | Version: Smart-Randomizer 1.0
Author: Bert
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: This is a further development of my FX_Randomizer device

In my live-performance-setup I did not want to use the same FX-setting all the time. But I also did not want to bother about setting all the numerous parameters of an effect during a live performance. So this device enables me to have different effect settings each time I use the effect. It modulates any parameter of live or a plugin. Put it behind the modulated effect/instrument and as soon as there's audio coming out, the modulation stops!

When used with insert-effects I assign the same midi-controller which controls the effects dry/wet parameter also to one of the devices "defeat" parameters. So as soon as the dry/wet value is above zero the modulation stops.

I added a preset-browse-matrix. If you don't want totally randomization you can store your own settings (set the dials and shift-click on a dot in the matrix). Switch to Preset-mode and all preset will switch randomly until the modulation is defeated.


- put this device behind the effect/instrument you want to be randomized

- assign the modulations (if 9 modulation is not enough for you, just put a second device in the chain / modulating macros of an instruments-or effectsrack may do the trick also, since you can assign one macro to several parameters)

- set the min. & max. for the modulations. (modulation below zero might be required for some of live's parameters)

- If used behind an instrument or send effect turn on the Input (this will defeat the modulation on audio-input)

- when used on a send effect / return channel, it may also be a good idea to assign the same mici-controller which controls the send levels to this return to the defeat-parameters. Otherwise the modulation stops just shortly after any audio is comming in, resulting in a short glitch noise.

- If using the preset mode, I advise you to turn off the Input and also manually defeat the modulation to setup your presets. Otherwise the device might start switching presets while you're trying to set the parameters.

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Live Version Used: 9.0.5
Max Version Used: 6.1.3
Date Added: Sep 05 2013 14:12:58
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 1764
License: None
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Device File: Smart-Randomizer 1.0.amxd


really spot on idea. How hard would it be to make this device modulate randomly WHILE playing instead of when stopped? perhaps have a setting to speed up or slow down the overall speed of mods.
well, if you click on the yellow "Input" button, the device does not listen to the input signal any more and modulates all the time (but not only as long as playing.

I plan to update the device and could easily include this feature... but have to find the time for it!

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