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Name | Version: FX-Randomizer 1.1
Author: Bert
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: +++ ATTENTION +++

I updated this device to the Smart-Randomizer device
I decided to leave this device in the library, since it might be enough for most tasks.


In my live-performance-setup I did not want to use the same FX-setting all the time. But I also did not want to bother about setting all the numerous parameters of an effect during a live performance. So this device enables me to have different effect settings each time I use the effect. It modulates any parameter of live or a plugin. Put it behind the modulated effect/instrument and as soon as there's audio coming out, the modulation stops!

When used with insert-effects I assign the same midi-controller which controls the effects dry/wet parameter also to one of the devices "defeat" parameters. So as soon as the dry/wet value is above zero the modulation stops.


- put this device behind the effect/instrument you want to be randomized

- assign the modulations (if 6 modulation is not enough for you, just put a second device in the chain / modulating macros of an instruments-or effectsrack may do the trick also, since you can assign one macro to several parameters)

- set the min. & max. for the modulations.

- If used behind an instrument or send effect turn on the Input (this will defeat the modulation on audio-input)

- when used on a send effect / return channel, it may also be a good idea to assign the same mici-controller which controls the send levels to this return to the defeat-parameters. Otherwise the modulation stops just shortly after any audio is comming in, resulting in a short glitch noise.

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Live Version Used: 9.0.5
Max Version Used: 6.1.3
Date Added: Sep 04 2013 14:52:43
Date Last Updated: Sep 05 2013 14:24:07
Downloads: 1281
License: None
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Device File: FX-Randomizer 1.1.amxd

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