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Name | Version: Note Pitch to Parameter 1.0.2
Author: mubali
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Uses midi note pitch to modulate a single parameter.
Has two modes: 1st mode directly translates midi note pitch from whatever sends midi to the channel. 2nd mode apply randomization on the modulation signal, creating a note-on randomizer.
Modulation output values can be scaled.

How To Use:
Place Device in Midi Track
Move parameter that will be modulated
Press yellow button
Send Midi to Note Pitch to Parameter

It's recommended to use this just before a multimapper

Note------- This is my first device, please feel free to make some changes and let me know what you do with it.

-----Minor Update----
Included integer box that displays incoming midi note by name.
-----New with v.1.0.2-----
Midi notes will now pass through the device, making it possible to be placed on the same track as an instrument.


Live Version Used: 9.0.4
Max Version Used: 6.1.2
Date Added: Jul 03 2013 07:04:25
Date Last Updated: Jul 03 2013 12:44:30
Downloads: 924
License: None
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Device File: Note to parameter.amxd

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