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Name | Version: MonoParaSteppa 1.3
Author: monohusche
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: MonoParaSteppa is a parameter sequencer, to be used with or without Monome. Partly based on the 3x Parameter Sequencer by Ivehon, thx. There is a MIDI version as well (MonoParaSteppaMidi, see MIDI device section)

Main features:

- Step Sequencer Control of up to 6 device parameters and up to 64 steps
- Random timing between steps
- Continous-random mode
- Timing multiplier for longer intervals up to 32 bars
- Quantization setting
- 2 Glide modes (fast and slow)
- Full synchronisation between device and monome
- Multiple sequencer directions
- Randomisation of step intervals, quantization and time multiplier
- Beat detection mode (adjustable minimum velocity)

Especially interesting is the option to change the boundaries for value range as well as for the random timing (kind of similar to dschihadelay).

Pls note that sometimes, parameters are not picked up when adding MonoParaSteppa to the track before the other device.

Documentation coming soon, until then, have a look at

UPDATE (v1.1):

- Mixer device parameters can be modulated (Track volume, Panning, Sends, crossfader, cue_volume)
- Support for drag'n'drop LFO waveforms (just drop on respective device section)
- Support of sine, triangle and square waveforms (via drop-down menu)

UPDATE (v1.2):
- parameter assignments are now recalled when loading a set (as well as all other settings, sequences etc.)

UPDATE (v1.3):
- sequence start can be synced with loop start (use second toggle to activate)


Live Version Used: 8.1
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Jan 06 2010 19:12:42
Date Last Updated: Apr 15 2010 18:52:33
Downloads: 5252
License: None
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Device File: MonoParaSteppa.amxd


doesn't seem to work properly with monomeemu (it sends to the launchpad but doesn't receive input from the launchpad - with other devices (7up for instance) it works well
not sure about the launch pad, I heard from others that they didn't receive button presses from it. I uploaded a slightly modified version with debug output to the monome forum (, so use that and have look what the launch pad actually sends.

Just reporting that I have this working in standalone device mode with monomeemu v0.9.5a1 on my Launchpad, but with full monome functionality which is quite awesome!!!
works great for me on monome 128. one of my fav apps!

Man, I love this app!
I'm on XP and understood that for beat detection to work, I had to download the bonk~external, which I did.
For some reason it still does not work for me (Max window states: #N: bad arguments for message "bonk~" and
sprintf: can't convert symbol to type of argument 1)
I am a total Max noob, do you have any ideas ?
@ monohusche

I am a M4L noob, but found this out, it works in Ivehons
3x paramseq.

As your device is way too complicated for me, I have no idea of this is useful info, but I just thought I'd share it anyway

I just discovered how to recall assigned effectparameters, so these get stored in a Live project!:

Create a pattr-object, in inspector tick the 'parameter enable'
box. Now connect the middle output of pattr to the input
of a M4L.api.DeviceParameterRemote.

Hope this helps in some way

thx for letting me know, I will check it out once I have got the time (too many ideas in my head, no time :-/

Regarding the bonk~ issue above, I am pretty sure it is somehow related to the platform differences. unfortunately, I don't have a pc, and can't test it. If the audio version is not working for you in terms of beat detection, you might want to check out the MIDI version which reacts on notes (I know, it's not the same :-/

The second message doesn't matter and is not related.
ok, parameter assignments are now properly stored in a live set. enjoy...
Perfect !
Rmpfff...M4L & Live 8.1.3; parameter assignments are lost again after saving. Ideas anyone ?

Awesome! Works great!
Rmpfff...M4L & Live 8.1.3; parameter assignments are lost again after saving. Ideas anyone ?

same here too !!!

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