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Name | Version: L.LFO 3.2
Author: Lokua
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: (Updated 3/21/13) An advanced LFO-to-anything device featuring the usual standbys, as well as kick-ass inter-modulation features, longer LFO rates (up to 32,768 bars), Pulse Width control, to-CC, and my favorite: compactness. If you're like me you like to use a lot of LFOs, route LFOs to LFOs, etc. It's nice to be able to see them all side by side.

-Classic waveforms (Sine, Saw, Triangle, Square, Random-Step, Random-Smooth)
-Waveform inversion
-Pulse / Point width control for Square and Triangle waveforms (One can modulate the PW with another LFO to morph a triangle into a saw and back)
-Modes include Hz (Note-on or Free-running) and Sync (Note-on or Transport)
-Rates from 128n - 32.0.0
-route LFO to a single MIDI CC via pop-up
-Map or assign via list

For more complex / less typical modulations. Modulate a carrier wave with a rate multiplied sine wave. The final output modulation will fluctuate between the median and the absolute min and max settings, depending on the ModCycle's xRate (multiple of the global rate). This is better understood seen in action, which is why I included a scope.


New v3.2 (3/21/13):

-Sample Rate control. The output of the oscillator is being sampled at a default rate of 1ms, we can now change that, and the result is spectacular. Choose longer SR in either ms or note-values, and you will add steps to the waveform. For example if you have a Sine wave set to 1n (1 bar), and set the SR to 16, your sine wave will now move in 16 step increments, as opposed to the smoother / normal 1ms. Very interesting modulations are possible. It is basically the Square version of ModCycle, and using them in tandem is bonkers. SR is set in its own pop-up window.

-reduced CPU load by about 50% (not that it was exactly bad earlier, but every bit helps)

-Mapped parameter is now listed on the UI

-Scope can now be set to display the actual output with regards to the destination range, as opposed to the pre-destination range showing only the internal oscillator. This is helpful if you are modulating either the Min or Max dials; you can now see what that result looks like.

-annoying pop-up help annotations have been moved to Live's Info View.


This was tested in both Live 8 and 9 - everything should work fine, but if there are any problems please let me know. Likewise feedback, good or bad, is really appreciated.



Live Version Used: 9
Max Version Used: 6.1
Date Added: Mar 03 2013 19:35:52
Date Last Updated: Mar 21 2013 18:23:18
Downloads: 3787
License: AttributionNonCommercial
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Device File: L.LFO.v3.2.amxd


Simple and usefull - thanx :)
Perfect - thanks.
Frak! I can't use this D: I want to use it in my live set, but everytime I open a new project the PW % gets screwed up. Could you possibly fix this bug? This is my favorite lfo device on here!!!!
Haven't tried it yet, but just from reading your description about it I know i will love this, I love to modulate the modulation!


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