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Name | Version: MonoInterface 1.0
Author: monohusche
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: - central interface for interconnecting track-based "satellite" devices and the monome 64 hardware controller
- see MonoMIDI, MonoAudio and MonoBufferShuffler devices for controlling MIDI tracks/clips, Audio tracks and the BufferShuffler device respectively
- to be placed on Master track
- supports Clip Launch Mode (49 tracks, 64 scenes)
- supports FX Track Mode (7 FX tracks, 15 fx scenes)
- supports up to 5 Send/Return tracks (values can be changed instantly or over time)


Live Version Used: 8.1
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Dec 11 2009 03:26:42
Date Last Updated: Dec 18 2009 15:04:00
Downloads: 847
License: None
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Device File: MonoInterface.amxd

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