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Name | Version: LooperOSC 1.0
Author: jengel
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: LooperOSC - For using Live as a multitrack Sound-on-Sound Looper
Jesse Engel

This patch sends out and recieves OSC to control a Ableton Looper Device. Good for use with devices like a Launchpad, APC, or Softstep. This allows you to monitor the state of the Looper, and control it using OSC. Since Clear, Button, and Undo cannot be controlled directly, they are controlled by MIDI. Put this device in an armed Midi track routed into a Midi channel with remote access like IAC bus (mac), or Midi Yoke (pc).

Device sends out OSC as:
/Looper/[Loop#]/[Parameter] [Value]

[Parameter] (Value) = State (Stop, Record, Play, Overdub), Feedback (0, 1), Reverse(0, 1), Speed(-36, 36), Quantization(Global, None, 8b, 4b, 2b, 1b, 2n, 2nt, 4n, 8n, 16n, 32n)

3 straight to MIDI parameters= Clear (0, 1), Undo (0, 1), Button (0, 1)

Also sends to "toSoftStep" and recieves from "toLoopers" for internal to Live routing. You can change these. Enjoy!

This device can also be easily adapted to map OSC from any other type of device. If anyone is up for writing a little javascript, I'm sure it could be adapted to auto learn the available catagories and be a general "OSC Mapping" device for ableton.


Live Version Used: 8.3
Max Version Used: 5.1.9
Date Added: Jun 12 2012 03:30:02
Date Last Updated: Jun 12 2012 03:31:03
Downloads: 1053
License: None
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Device File: LooperOSC.amxd


could you post an example of how this works with the launchpad? i'm not aware of how to make it work with OSC messages
i am going to try setting up with lemur in the meantime
It's pretty straightforward using the very handy patch waclphandler

You can write a short script turning the OSC messages from LooperOSC into ones that the lp handler understands
hey, do you have a bit more documentation on how to use this with a softstep? I use three loopers in my current set up and would love to have the LEDs indicate the looper-status, so I don't have to watch the computerscreen while playing.
Hi Pepe,

I suggest using Tom Swirly's excellent softstep.jso ( f=40&t=535). You can write a M4L device with a "r toSoftStep" object that gets the OSC messages from the loopers, parses them for looper # and state(you could use a similar method to what I use in this device for "OSC In"), and then passes that to "display".

Good luck!
Sorry, the link is
i think i should be able to receive the osc messages from looperosc in Osculator, but it doesn't seem to work
I'm trying to set up my korg nanokontrol2 to display the status of the looper with the leds.
any advice or tips?

I'm trying hard to get visual feedback from the looper on Lemur, I don't have enough programming skills yet... did anybody get it to work with LooperOSC? would be really nice to know..

Great, thanks for sharing ;-) !
Hello, nice project... I want to ask,

I have 1 foot midi button and 5 Looper (5 Tracks), I want to trigger the Looper button ONLY on armed track. it is possible to do that?


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