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Name | Version: Random Velocity Mod 1.0
Author: nahmama
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Use velocity to modulate up to 7 sources. Also comes with a curve control. Very simple first device I've made. Quite similar to Expression Control but with a 0-100% randomisation knob and limited to Velocity.

I made this device to specifically be used with Simpler and Sampler for more expressive / natural drums by linking the velocity to Attack, Decay, Detune, Filter etc!


Live Version Used: 12.0.5
Max Version Used: 8.6.2
Date Added: Jul 09 2024 06:36:28
Date Last Updated: Jul 13 2024 02:31:21
Downloads: 111
License: None
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Device File: Random Velocity Mod.amxd


not loading properly in ableton 12.0 , M1 mac ventura 13.5.2

it loads, and velocity part of it functions, but the mapping section is missing.
Confirming same issue (no mapping section) I'm on a Mac 12.7.3, Ableton live 12.0.5
Sorry to hear that. I've tested it on both Mac 12.4 and now 14.5. And also on Ableton 12.0.5 and the Beta 12.1 and was unable to recreate the issue. Could you please send a screenshot of both the device and within Max to Thanks!
Confirming same issue (no mapping section) using windows Abelton 12.0.10

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