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Name | Version: Siren Sound 1.2
Author: wavefrontinsurgency
Device Type: Instrument
Description: SIREN SOUND is a free M4L dub siren synthesiser created in inspiration of analogue and digital dub sirens. This patch was created as part of master’s sound design module.

SIREN SOUND has the following features:

- Oscillators waveforms: sinusoidal, triangular, square and sawtooth.
- Fixed pitch control plus a MIDI mode with the ability to detune the oscillator(s) against A4 = 440 Hz.
- LFO pitch modulation: sinusoidal, sawtooth ramp up, sawtooth ramp down, triangular and square.
- Fixed LFO rates including a manual rate mode.
- LFO depth control.
- Note in phase reset control.
- A manual trigger.
- 20 factory presets included with the ability to save up to a total of 40 presets.
- Dark mode / light mode versions available.

My website:

Add a tape delay and spring reverb then automate as you please. ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

(Please also install the font pack included)


Change log:

v1.2 - Fixed bug relating to naming of wavetables preventing oscillators from working. Updated URL. Light theme version removed. Removed tanh~ objects.


Live Version Used: 12.0.5
Max Version Used: 8.6.2
Date Added: Jun 24 2024 16:00:07
Date Last Updated: Jun 25 2024 10:39:01
Downloads: 0
License: None
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