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Name | Version: Weird Swing 1.0
Author: stev
Device Type: MIDI Transformation
Description: This tool adds swing to your MIDI by stretching and squishing all notes between the Swing Anchors you set, forward to the next beat division (positive swing), or backward to the previous one (negative swing). Unlike most swings, this device allows you to set these anchor points as polyrhythmic, polymetric, non dyadic or tuplet note values. This allows for non conventional swing patterns. And rhythms that, while they are based on the concept of swing, bear little resemblance to traditional swing rhythms.

The top of the MIDI tool is the “Swing Anchor” section. Set your swing anchors here. To get polyrhythmic, polymetric, or tuplet swing anchors, use polyrhythm mode. This allows you to set your Swing Anchors with the “Beat Unit” parameter, which is divided by the “Subdivision” parameter and multiplied by the “# of Beats” parameters. In “Decimal” mode, the “# of Beats” parameter multiplies the “Beat Unit” by a decimal value.

Keep in mind that the Swing Anchors are the points that stay the still, meaning they’re twice the length of the note value that is swung. For example, to get swung 16th notes, you would set your anchor points to 1/8th notes.

Since it moves all notes between the anchors, not just the odd notes on the grid, it can also be used for interesting stretched and squished rhythms.

This tool has two swing modes:

In “Linear”mode it swings all notes between the Swing Anchors by moving them linearly toward the beat divisions on either side of it. At 100% or -100% it quantizes the notes forward or backward to the next beat division.

In “Curve” mode it swing all notes between beat divisions by applying a curve, moving some notes more than others based on their position between the anchors. This can make for even wonkier swings.

This device is great for generating unique rhythms out of simple rhythms. Irregular rhythms with some logic behind them.


Live Version Used: 12.0.5
Max Version Used: 8.6.2
Date Added: Jun 20 2024 20:19:13
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 0
License: Commercial
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