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Name | Version: Monotale Sampler Loop Random V3 3
Author: Monotale
Device Type: Instrument

Pitch Shift added to tune your loops!!!


I've heard your comments and suggestions, and now the device has four different auto random stages.
Version 2 comes with a time division for autoplay random, with 4 different modes, 1/1 = sends a random message every 1 bar, 1/2= sends a random message evert 1/2 bar, 1/4 sends a random message on the first 1/2 of the bar, 1/8 sends a random message on the last 1/2 of the bar.
Of course, it is a free update for all those who buy it. And yes, it is now a lot more fun to experiment, especially with drum beats!!!
Thanks so much for your request!

Bug fixes: -Time Issues
- 8n, 16n and 16nd Added to use with one shot samples.

Drag and drop your loop, and play with the settings of Random. First random is a destructive random, the second random is a grid based random with no destructive random loop. The most fun to play is on continuous random and the random grid based.
Loops works best at 1 bar, you have 4 different velocities to playback your loops depending on the length.

The device comes also with 50 drums loops for you to enjoy!

It is also fun to use with others instruments than just only drums.

NOTE: this device is a signal based synchro with Ableton, it is the best way I find to deal with timing.


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Date Added: Jun 15 2024 13:17:52
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