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Name | Version: visual xyt 1.2
Author: wwronka
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Ok, there it is - my first M4L device!

It is a stereo visualization tool, working on a principle of extending the traditional X-Y scope with a third dimension of time. Try playing slightly detuned harmonics in left and right channel for beautiful 3d Lissajous figures, observe stereo image in your favourite reverb/delay/spatializer effects or experiment with frequency modulation and impulse-alike envelopes. Or somehing entirely different.

I tried to make the controls intuitive, but let me know if something is unclear. I guess the device will work best with dedicated graphics, but it is not a must (I don't have one).

Hope you like it!

PS You can rotate the camera with a left click at the beginning of the graph, holding alt or ctrl will enable zooming and moving the camera position.


Live Version Used: 11.3.25
Max Version Used: 8.5.8
Date Added: May 14 2024 07:49:32
Date Last Updated: May 14 2024 08:09:22
Downloads: 371
License: AttributionNoDerivatives
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Device File: visual_xyt_v1.2.amxd

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