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Name | Version: IFEA - Warp 1.0
Author: iFeature
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: IFEA - Warp

Your Ultimate Audio Scratch, Edit and Recording Tool!


1. Fully Integrated: Seamlessly integrates into Ableton as a Max for Live Device.
2. Multi-instance Support: Load as many instances of Warp as you need across multiple tracks.
3. Drag and Drop: Easily import samples by dragging and dropping them into Warp's interface.
4. Loop Playback: Enable loop playback for selections and loop points.
5. Playback Control: Play and stop audio playback with dedicated buttons.
6. Recording: Arm Warp for recording with the click of a button (maximum 20-second recording duration) click it again to stop recording.
7. Bake and Drag & Drop Functionality: Drag & Drop your recorded files to a destination of your choice for use in your projects.
8. Crop Feature: Crop your current sound selection for precise editing.
9. Normalize Functionality: After cropping, normalize your signal to ensure optimal volume levels.
10. Clear Function: Delete the current sound (recommended just load a new instance of warp, to reset time issues)
11. Zoom/Scroll Mode: Navigate through your sample with ease using the zoom and scroll features or press CMD (Mac)/Ctrl (Windows) for a short use.
12. Visual Modes: Switch between waveform edit mode and oscilloscope mode for a customized visualization experience.
13. Granular/Texture Mode: Unlock new sonic possibilities with granular and texture modes (requires loop mode and play activation).
14. Scratch Functionality: Scrub through your sample with precision control for detailed editing (clean the empty spaces for best experience).

Granular and Scratch effect at the same time not recommended cause they are two different audio engines.

Have fun scratching!

Jan, iFeature


Live Version Used: 12.0.2
Max Version Used: 8.5.7
Date Added: May 07 2024 06:59:54
Date Last Updated: May 18 2024 18:54:07
Downloads: 0

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License: Commercial
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Will this work with Live 12 Standard and M4L?? Sorry for the noob question
I think you need to purchase Max in Live Standard :((
In Suite its free

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