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Name/Version: Push 3 Sample Selector 1.0
Author: UnaVisionAgradable  
Description: "Push 3 Sample Selector" is an M4L device that allows you to load any sample from the "Samples" folder within the Push 3 Stand Alone quickly and without using the computer without warping it and even without pressing the play button on the Push 3.

The patch can be loaded on any Midi or Audio track on the P3 SA and will automatically detect the number of folders within the Samples/Folder/ directory in the Push 3 User Library. From the screen we can select the folder, and the dial of the sample will be updated to the total number of samples within this folder. By activating the "Load A/B" dial we will load that sample into memory. If we increase the value of the "Slew" dial, a gradual transition will be executed between the initial sample and the new one. The "Random" control will load a random sample from a random folder. We can also change the start point of the sample with the "Playhead" dial and make a start retrigger with the "Trigg" control.

Finally, and given the limitations of making dynamic text controls in the Push 3, if we hold down the top button of the Push 3 to access the banks, we can see that the name of the Bank shows us the name of the folder selected with the "Folder" dial and it will update its name dynamically.


1 - It is VERY important to place samples in separate folders (no subfolders allowed) within "User Library/Samples/Folders/..." on the Push 3. The "Folders" folder will not exist by default on the P3, so We will have to create this folder in P3, and within it all the folders we want up to a total number of 127. An example could be the following:

"User Library/Samples/Folders/Serge Drones/", and within this all the samples (WAV + MP3 files).

The patch should work without problems on MAC and Push 3 Stand Alone. It should work equally well on Windows, although it has not been tested.


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Tags sampler, push
Live Version Used: 12
Max Version Used: 8.6.0
Date Added: Apr 19 2024 17:31:52
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
Device Type: instrument_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): None

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