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Name/Version: GALILEO 1.0
Author: simonerossi  
Description: I wanted a 69 knobs synth, so I made it.
Right now it's called GALILEO because once you've mapped it, you can aim for the stars, but feel free to name it like your dog or suggest me a better name.
GALILEO has 3 oscillators: 2 sound sources with 4 basic shapes (sine, saw, square, triangle) and a noise channel with its own independent ADSR. The noise goes through a key-tracked band pass filter, so you can crank up the resonance and play the noise as a third sine wave oscillator.
You can do FM to the sine and saw wave, and PWM to the square and the triangle.
GALILEO is mono, it's poly (16 voices), it has a juicy 303-style low pass filter (courtesy of BEAP) with its own LFO and ADSR, it has a high pass filter, a pitch envelope, it does tremolo, vibrato and glide (the glide module is also courtesy of BEAP).

I programmed it all by myself in one month, and one month ago I had never programmed anything in my life (I'm a street musician).

I wasn't able to give keytrack to the low pass filter and this thing is killing me, and also I don't understand why it's taking up so much CPU: I understand it has a lot of oscillators and LFOs, but seing the amazing and light-weight stuff people put out, I'm feeling I'm missing something. So, once again, any suggestion / feedback is super welcome: I'm positive I've made some mistakes, but I've been playing this thing for the past few weeks and it's giving me so much joy that I needed to put it out there.

GALILEO is free to download but on account of my line of work I will gladly take your money.


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Date Added: Mar 29 2024 20:34:35
Date Last Updated: Mar 29 2024 21:19:26
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