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Name/Version: GamePad modulate 1.0
Author: keikusama  
Description: GamePad_modulate is a mapping controller device for common game controllers (corresponding to the gamepad object in Max 8.6).
You can control any parameter from your game controller by using new object [live.modulate~] (supported since Live12).
also can change the behavior of the I/O switches with the Latch/Unlatch buttons.
Whatever it is, it's free. And as you know, you can look inside the M4L device and change it as you like. You can modify it as you like.

Special thanks. Mr. Junichi Oguro for giving me the opportunity to create this device.

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Downloads: 318
Tags utility, m4lhackevent
Live Version Used: 12.0
Max Version Used: 8.6.0
Date Added: Mar 04 2024 13:11:38
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: GamePad_modulate.amxd


Works fine except the gyro, but maybe I'm missing something. The layout is clean. Bravo !

Hi tguyfr.
Please turn on the toggle switch. This is located on the left side of the gyro parameter at the bottom of the device.
Why did I turn on this switch? The gyro is constantly sending out values, so I thought it would interfere when rec automation other parameters.

Hi keikusama,

Thank you for sharing your work.
I found some controls to feel a little unresponsive, such as the triggers. Removing 'qlim 160' helped.
Did you find serious problems without this data rate limiting?

Hi Throw
No, that was something I installed to limit the large amount of data coming in from the gyro sensor.
This limits continuous data of less than 160ms. You may want to change it to a value you desire.

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