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Name/Version: Polaris Controller 2.0
Author: 5eigen  
Description: MIDI Controller for Chroma Polaris

This device helps you control all Polaris' parameters as you like, even if the control panel is broken. You can easily save the sound as adv. presets and load it into the synthesizer.

Resend Button
- One click on the Resend Button outputs the values of all parameters, allowing you to quickly return Polaris to its initial state and apply your own adv. presets in Ableton.
(When clicked, the values of all parameters on the device —except for Program Change, Link Mode, Omni On/Off, and Mono/Poly Mode— are output at intervals of 30ms each, and the Polaris parameters are updated in about 1s. Besides Resend All Button, there are also three buttons for sending the values of the parameters of the Oscillator section, Sweep and Filter section, and Envelope section.)

Flexible operability
- Polaris has many bipolar parameters (-64..+63), and negative numbers are handled in 7-bit two's complement notation (“-64..-1, 0..+63” corresponds to “64..127, 0..63”), so a normal MIDI controller that outputs values from 0 to 127 cannot comfortably control this synthesizer. This device, however, can control it well.
- The parameters of this device itself also accepts MIDI CCs from outside.

Comprehensive Info View
- When you hover the cursor over the parameters of this device, the description is displayed in Ableton's Info View, which also shows the manual for Polaris' unique specifications, such as on Delayed Vibrato or Selective Pitch Bend, so you can learn more about this synthesizer.

v1.1 Update
Renaming of some parameters
Change of Initial Value of some parameters

v2.0 Update
Addition of five "Pedal Depth" parameters (Sweep Rate, Vibrato, Pitch, Cutoff, Volume) and "Initial Pedal Position" parameter
(Polaris can receive Key Pressure command as Pedal expression to each voice!)
+ some minor changes

- Appendix -
my article about the Chroma Polaris synthesizer, focusing on its specifications and sound architecture

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Tags hardware
Live Version Used: 11.3.21
Max Version Used: 8.5.6
Date Added: Feb 22 2024 05:56:24
Date Last Updated: Mar 28 2024 06:23:01
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Device File: Polaris Controller 2.0.amxd


This is awesome. Would love to see the Volume, Cutoff, Pitch and Vibrato Pedal controls added (as they also control poly aftertouch amount, and with the MPE Control device you can use this for per note expression.

I set up a good control surface layout for Push and other controllers on mine with Live.banks

Thank you for version 2!

Mr. jethroe, your suggestion was a useful tip for me as well! I am happy to have fellow Polaris users using my device. Thank you.

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