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Name/Version: Solum 1.2
Author: ferkohyeah  
Description: A versatile video synthesizer with many of the essential video manipulation methods with some unorthodox twists.

It comes with two polyphonic video players that can be mixed many ways and also cross modulated by one image displacing the other.

Effect section:

1. Pre Filter: contrast, brightness, saturation and hue with a blur parameter included.

2. Feedback: A powerful video feedback module with many functions

3. RGB Displacement: Offset or displace the image on the red, green or blue color planes individually and proportionally.

4. Re-color: Generate custom color sets that can be used to completely redefine the colors of the image.

5. Glitch: Create random glitching on the image.

6. Post Filter: Similar to the Pre Filter module, but with a color EQ for subtle color adjustments.

Preset Section:

Save the current state of the device and recall it with a click of a button or by MIDI notes.

Syphon/Spout integration:

Send your image into other Syphon/Spout enabled devices to record/stream/further modulate it with other softwares, like OBS, Resolume, After Effects and more.

For more info check out our website:

You'll find tutorials about all features on our Youtube:

And more example videos on Instagram:

Device Details

Tags video
Live Version Used: 12
Max Version Used: 8.6
Date Added: Jan 07 2024 22:49:13
Date Last Updated: May 13 2024 17:30:28
Device Type: instrument_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial



just bought SOLUM.
Unfortunately, it doesn't work.
On Windows 11, Ableton crashes, trying to load a file.
On Windows 10, file loading doesn't work.

From your website:
"Solum compiled on Macintosh and only has Syphon integration, but tested on Windows as well. This means it is fully functional on Windows, although it is currently lacking Spout integration."

Please help or giving me my money back?

Found a solution:

You have to use external MAX, not the bundled version inside Ableton.

Great device!!

Sorry I missed your comment, but I'm glad it works for you. Yeah, sometimes Max for Live is missing certain things that is necessary to run Solum, but the full Max bundled with Ableton will do the job.

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