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Name/Version: Simple time counter 1.0
Author: Prebentious  
Description: This is a simple counter that converts bars and beats to minutes and seconds. Click the buttons to open and close the floating window.

It works fine if the tempo remains the same, but will get totally off if you change tempo. If anyone has any bright ideas to fix this glitch, I'd love to hear them.

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Downloads: 2246
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 8.1
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Date Added: Nov 25 2009 16:55:02
Date Last Updated: Dec 20 2009 17:07:02
Average Rating (2) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: Timer.amxd


hi Prebentious, i like your counter a lot.

i THINK that the timing issues may be because your metro - and logic from it - is not exact enough? i built a stupid big counter (first thing i wanted from m4l - crazy! glaring omission from live!) and i use a "metro 10ticks @quantize 10ticks @autostart 1". there is also some clever useful logic in the max5 "Global Transport" as well. it is in the 'extras' menu, right click the floating window to choose edit, then click 'explore'.

let me know if you wanna see my counter - nowhere near as pretty and functional as yours as i tired to do too much with it.

Hi pp,
Well, my patch's metro is set to 100ms, plenty of accuracy for counting in seconds. The issue I was referring to is that the counter assumes that the current tempo is consistent for the whole track. If you start a track at 100bpm and let it run for awhile, it will work fine. If you then change the tempo while the set is running, the counter goes haywire, because it just goes by the current tempo.

hi prebentious,
firstly, i just realised my first post must have sounded condescending. sorry, it was not supposed to be - just discursive and friendly is all. secondly, the counter issues - yes, mine does similar to yours - it is because we are TRANSLATING b.b.u into time, not actually counting real time.
much as i love it, live is a very na?ve and basic program, in that it believes the world only works in bars and beats. i DO find this really annoying. so, if you change time signature on the fly, the 'bars beats units' readjust, as if the whole set had been in the new time sig. likewise, if you change bpm on the fly, or automate it, the time adjusts, because it is translating rather than counting. i dream of the day live has a real timeline, esp. now m4l is part of the equation. in fact if live had real timeline and multichannel i would ditch my steinberg / digidesign crap in an instant. until then i need them.
on the 100 ms point, we will have to agree to disagree - that is an eternity of time to me, where lots of stuff can go wrong. i'll stick with my '@quantize 10ticks' thanks! ha!
[of course, if we hooked up a quantized 'phasor~' to a 'clocker' object we could have realtime, with a bit extra maths of course].

I'm totally turning this into an alarm clock. :-D

It didn't come across badly at all. :)
Yes, it's too bad Live isn't more hip to absolute time, but the ability is there. The timeline at the bottom of the arrange page properly accounts for tempo and signature changes, so it can be done. Hopefully we can figure it out!

Hi Prebentious,

Is your timer available for Live 7 at all? Would love to give it a shot.....

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