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Name | Version: The Doom Puke 1.0
Author: FelipeArequipe
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: This glitch generator is meant to be chaotic and frenetic. Great for sound design sessions and recordings, pure glitch vomit.

Based on two tutorials from a creator called “ZeroPointZero” on YouTube. Links and further parameter descriptions are below.

Enjoy :)


Requirements: For this patch to work you must double-check if your Max for live version includes the following objects: (what~) (subdiv~)
If your M4L version doesn't include these devices you should download the Max For Live Essentials pack for it to work.

1n = Controlled bursts of glitch
2n = Faster bursts of glitch
4n = Chaotic bursts of glitch

Random number range: Set the range of variation or random glitch bursts
Rate multiplier: Singal multiplier compared to the time/speed of bursts

Filter Graph:
Clear = to be used if the filter graph explodes
Parameter 1: Filter Response = Type of filtering (bandpass, peak notch, low-shelf, high-shelf, lowpass, highpass, etc)
Parameter 2: Cutoff or center frequency
Parameter 3: Gain
Parameter 4: Q factor

Parameter 1: Dry Wet
Parameter 2: Reverb duration in milliseconds

Tutorial 1:
Tutorial 2:


Live Version Used: 11.3
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Dec 29 2023 17:05:56
Date Last Updated: Dec 29 2023 22:48:22
Downloads: 524
License: None
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Device File: TheFinalDoomPukeAbleton.amxd


This is super cool! Thanks for sharing!

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