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Name/Version: Launchpad 64 faders 1.0
Author: buba  
Description: This device will turn your launchpad to 64 faders, and allows you to map this faders to any parameter in Live. Drop it on any track and press User2 button.
1. Button Matrix used for 8 faders. First column is 1 fader. Second is 2 and so on
2. Right buttons used to change fader group (8 fader groups avalable) and to set precise fader value.
3. Map mode allows you to map any parameter in Live (all vst also supported) to fader. Just press learn button on launchpad to go to map mode. Now press on desired column on launchpad, then move parameter in Live. Viola - parameter mapped.
4. Press and hold down button matrix. Now you can use right buttons to set precise value.
5. If device is off it will not react to User2 button. This allows you to use this device with any other launchpad devices. More over - you can control as many parameters as you need, just use as many instances of this device as you need. But remember - only one can be active at same time.

If some one will need this i will explain in more detail.

updated 08/01/2012 - added glide function

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Downloads: 1344
Tags hardware
Live Version Used: 8.2.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: Nov 04 2011 13:32:20
Date Last Updated: Jan 08 2012 02:59:16
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

Device Files

Device File: Launchpad 64 Faders.amxd


Great Device. Very straightforward and easy to use

Great Device. Very straightforward and easy to use

Very usefull, thanx!

Glad you like it

SUper BuBa!!!!
Just a idea... how would it be holding down USERMODE2 Button
-right buttons selects with colour change (we have 8 ) a new layer.
so we could manage 8x 64 Fader or somethin else..
really usefull

nice idea. not to difficult to realise. but why you need 8x64 faders? i think 64 more than enough. but maybe im wrong?

For some reason it is not working for me, I am using the 30 days demo version, could it be the problem?
I've activated the mapping, with launchpad "learn" and with the max "map mode" buton, then selected the first fader, it changes to yellow, but then when I move parameters in live (volume, pan, mix, VST parameters with the "configure" option already done...) nothing appears to map.

just exit from learn mode ))

so i have new version with glide function. if someone need this

Thank you for your response but I did it already and it still not working :S

maybe problem that map will use LAST CHANGED PARAMETER in live. so workflow is:
1. drop device on any track
2. choose your launchpad as device
3. press user2 button
4. press learn button
5. press on any column and this column become yellow.
6. move any parameter in live with mouse - column become green, this is mean that parameter mapped
7. press learn button again to exit from map mode

i move parameter in live BEFORE enter learn mode - this guarantees that this parameter was last changed parameter in live. and exactly this parameter will be mapped. this is max for live behaviour

Thank you buba! but it still not working for some reason.

Everything is OK until the step 6, it doesn't become green, so, it doesn't maps, even if I change the parameter before, for the last changed parameter issue.

Do you know if the problem is that I'm using the Max demo version? Or maybe the MIDI configuration?


They become yellow and don't become green? Am i right? I dont know about demo restriction but i think this is not a point. Can you manualy map parameter? So, to do this press map button on desired fader and then touch any parameter in live. If this not working - yep, there is some error in your configuration or maybe in my patch.

Buba, I hope you're still around.
A few days ago, I borrowed my brother's launchpad and droped my APC40. Then I tried to use it as I wanted and so I founded your 64 faders devices. The same night, I bought my own Launchpad and sold my APC (true)... But now, I'm in a big trouble. Your amazing device isn't working anymore. I tried everything but still not working. I start Live then add this device, than my mbp harddrive starts going crazy to finally crash. The max editor won't open neither, or barely but impossible to process to anything except if I shut Live down. But still, impossible to save, ...
Man, this is driving me crazy ! Plz, do you have any ideas over How, Why ,...
I really need your device.

I'am here man! ;) Just be quite and relax. We solve all problems man ;)
So give me a 2 days and i will record step by step instruction. BUT if this is happened - i think maybe you must clean reinstall operating system. This is VERY strange behaviour. Is this happend only with my device? Can you check out some other devices? So you only one who use this except me, and i promise to help you man ) Dont panick! ;)

Wow buba! You're just amazing!!! This afternoon I was even thinking about asking you for lessons (where do you live ;) ) because I'm fed up not being able to do it by myself! More patches do the same effects! I remember a few month ago I used the LOM patch from I don't remember who and it was the same! Recently I try an other third party patch which is about the same goal than yours something called 5x8 faders and the result is the same! The thing is that I was actually able to make it work when I first downloaded your device but then ... Now it launch and crash! It don't even find the launchpad! I on live 8.3 with max 6 on a MacBook pro! Maybe was I using a max5 runtime?

Yes! I think you MUST use Max 5.

I just did. Still not working. I really don't understand. What I did as well is copying your device in a new empty max6 patch, worked once then the day after didn't work anymore. I really don't understand.

I found something:
I think I get the same problem. It's about the UMENU inside the patch which has been saved and then reopen with a different configuration of max, and different launchpad. I think that woudl be this. But How can I open this patch which is .amxd and not .maxpat as text?

What If not copy this device to max6 patch? Just open it as is? i'am just cleared all umenu items. try this.

Hi buba, and thank you for the extra work. Unfortunatly, it is still not working. Live is acting like usual.
I formatted my mbp, it's like new, not a single file, expect Live 8.3 and Max6. It is still not working. I opened the Max windows and did a screen print. I downloaded it on a email address I created for: password: launchpad. The file is in a wetransfer mail waiting for you in the mailbox.
Thank you for everything.

Can you use Max5?

ok. what i see - conflicts beetween max6 files and files in my patch. You MUST use my files instead of your local. about messages - this is ok.

Hi, thank you Buba.
Using your file would mean going back to device file or going for disk file ? What does that mean ? I did both but nothing changed ?

Anyway: I'm finally able to use it. WOW !!!! So nice !
What I did is downloaded max5 again and use it as my m4l runtime. Currently it's still in trial mode, but I know I can authorize it with my Max6 serial. I'll stay this way for a while.
But I don't like being obliged to use max5 to do so. Do you understand why ?

Next step: I would really love to learn more about max to be able to modify your patch. What I really want is a horizontal row in the bottom to use it as a crossfader with 8 verticals rows like it is now. Do you have any advices for me ? I know I'm asking a lot ! :D
Once again, I'm really grateful for what you did .


You must use:
1. files from device
2. max5

files from device mean that i'am modified original files that come wiht max and save int in my device. so you need to use it anyway (why i else modify them? ;) )

max5 is only enviroment that i'am use to build and test this device. i dont use max6 because i havent it.

To use it like crossfader you can simply map crossfader to one of the rows. But i dont understand what you realy want. If you need to change one row from vertical to horizontal this is too hard to programm. I thnik best way to do this - just use last vertical row for crossfade. Or you can buy another launchpad place it vertical and use like croddfader ;)

Happy tweaking!

thank you for everything buba ! :)

I glad to hear that someone else me use this! Thank you!

buba! do u remember me? I've decided to give this ANOTHER try and this time worked! I don't know why... I just changed to the last Live version (although I had a correct one the last time) and the MAX 5.1 version (the same as the last time) but this time worked well! :D I'm SO happy with this patch, I actually think they sould've integrated this on the automap/default launchpad configuration. Great job and thank you for your help!

Glad to hear this ;)

Hey buba, I am having trouble with mine. I am using max5 and live 8.2.6. All of the faders in the device menu are set to 'fader 64' so when I move one slider, all of the parameters in the device window change, but only the one slider on my launchpad works (fader 1 on the 8th menu) It also does not slide all the way down to 0. My MAX window has a bunch of errors like "live.thisdevice - no such object" and textedit "doesnt understand"
help would be appreciated, thanks!

Sorry but this was long time ago...

I understand that, but I would still like to use this device for my live set if I can get it running...


I use a Launchpad S and can?t change the banks.
Does anyone knows a solution?

Wow! Someone here after so many years )
Im use Ipad now to control software, its much much more useful. But this summer im remember this project. It only works for live 8 and max 5.
Maybe this will help?

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