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Name | Version: Session View Automation 1.0
Author: Prebentious
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: This is a way around Live's lack or recording automation in Session view. As of now it only works in MIDI tracks, but could easily be expanded to work on audio tracks as well. It's pretty self explanatory: just click the learn button, wiggle a knob, unclick the learn button, assign a parameter, and away you go!


Live Version Used: 8.1
Max Version Used: 7.0.4
Date Added: Nov 23 2009 21:12:29
Date Last Updated: May 24 2016 19:15:39
Downloads: 3024
License: None
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Device File: Steq Seq 6.amxd


Very useful patch. This is something we have all been asking for for a long time.

I wish this device worked inside of an instrument rack (everything must be unpacked for it to work properly) so that I could save device-specific settings.

Overall, great job!
How does it work
do you put it on the same track where does it record the automation info
It's a midi effect. Put it on the same track that has the device you want to mess with. The clip will record a cc (you can choose which one) and then the plugin converts that and controls the parameter with it.
Hey I Have a Request can you have it so it maps to the first knob on the APC40's Device Control .
First thing I had to download. Thank you.
Hey can Anyone make it work with the APC40

thanks very very much!!!!!!
Unfortunately I use and APC40 as well and this method won't work with a Control Surface. You'd have to disable the script I think like in the CS Step patch. BUT! If anyone knows a way to selectively and dynamically disable Control Surface things then it could work with APC40.

Something I discovered by accident is that if you use TWO midi tracks, you can record automation in session mode. Here is how: Create two midi tracks. Name one "send". Put your desired instrument into the other. On the instrument track set midi "from" to receive the send track. Arm both tracks. Record your midi clips on the instrument track. Now you can record all the automation you want. It's a little cumbersome, but it works.
It does not work in live 8.1.1.
I have a Novation SLMKII and want to record automation into the session view. It sounds like I would have the same problem as Dildano with the APC40. Does turning Automap on/off change this? I am running 8.1.1 on MAC and have tried the two midi track method mentioned above and cant get it to work. I'm no IAC bus Jedi (yet) but I am going crazy trying to figure out how to get my automation into the session view. I can't even copy/paste it from arrange to session.

I have not yet purchased m4l, but I would buy it today if I could record my MKII into session view. If anyone has another idea for a workarond, I'd be crazy grateful.

Thanks for creating this patch, I hope that I can figure out a way to use it with my MKII.

So here's the thing:
First of all, this will only work on a MIDI or Instrument track, not an audio track.
The key difference to understand is have MIDI CCs coming into the track input, rather than having parameters be automatically mapped.
First, in your preferences, make sure TRACK INPUT is turned on for your controller. Then you need to make sure that the controller is sending MIDI CCs on that port.
To do this, you might need to change the template on your Novation away from the Ableton preset. Not sure.
Then, once the track is receiving MIDI input, you should be good to go.
Very cool, this enables re-automation of sequences live on the fly. Assign the overdub button in live with a controller to temporarily allow changes. This was definitely a missing piece for my live set.
1ST of all thank you, my question is controller is an akai mpk 25 and i run midi vst all day so will this be very useful for recording vs dj'ing? ty

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