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Name/Version: tape 1.1
Author: TilmanEhrhorn  
Description: *tape is a polyphonic tape emulator.

The pitch of the loop corresponds to the played midi note (C4= original pitch) and will also refer to the speed parameter as would be the case with a tape machine.

Furthermore the pitch can be also influenced independently from speed as well as the frequency of the processed audio signal can be additionally manipulated.

Clicking and dragging with the mouse inside the display window causes zooming in and out to select different parts of the loaded sample to be played back.

Demo Video:

Further documentation can be found in the Max for Live device if Ableton Live´s Help View is turned on.

Device Details

Tags sampler, other
Live Version Used: 11.2.11
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Mar 24 2023 19:56:08
Date Last Updated: Apr 02 2023 08:11:29
Device Type: instrument_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike


can i use on the master bus for changing pitch and speed parameters for the whole track

You should update the license in Commercial

@dundunny: Unfortunately this is not possible (if I understood your question correctly). It is an MID instrument, like Ableton Live's Sampler or Simpler, where you cannot control the speed and pitch parameters of audio tracks within the session. Check the instruction video to be sure:

Great device thx !
It seems the device doesn't save the .wav after quit and reboot the ableton project(on OSMonterey M1). I need to reload when i reopen the session... it is normal ?
Thx again

Thanks for letting me know! In the Instruction Video ( at the very end there is a short instruction how this can possibly be avoided. In the Max Application, which runs in the background, the Search Path must be defined once, i.e. the location where the sample was placed on the hard disk must be defined. Did you already try this? This way it should (hopefully) work better.

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