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Name/Version: SpectreGadget 1.0
Author: Syncretia  
Description: SpectreGadget - Pitch shift (autotune) anything without destroying the time.

Check out WoFO - Wobble the @#$# out of anything

It's been less than a week since I released WoFO, and now I'm going to drop another game changing patch on your asses.

It annoys the @#$# out of me that when you pitch shift in most samplers, the speed of the sample changes along with the pitch. Why?

Anyway, I have the solution. It's called SpectreGadget. It uses Fast Fourier Transform which affects the spectral harmonics of the sound to change the pitch of the note rather than just increasing the frequency. For those ignoramuses who haven't heard of "the most important numerical algorithm of our lifetime", you can read this

Essentially, you can take any sample (or synth) that has harmonic qualities and play it like an instrument with your midi keyboard, or by writing a midi clip. However, the timing of the sample never changes. It will stay exactly in time.

There are two patches. The transposer simply changes the pitch of the note. You could use this individually for something else if you'd like. The note remote simply takes the current midi note being played and sends it to the transposer. It couldn't be simpler.

Here is a video of what's going to happen to you after you download this patch:


How To

-Drag a sample that has harmonic qualities in to an audio track or in to a Simpler/Sampler instance (you can use a synth if you really want to)
-Add the SpectreGadget - Transposer to the track.
-Add the SpectreGadget - NoteRemote to an empty midi track.
-Arm the midi track
-Click the Learn button
-Go to the Audio track and click on Transpose (it should go grey)
-Press play
-Hit notes on the keyboard

Note: You should use a sample recorded at C3 if possible. If you are using a Sampler, the sample should be played at C3. If your original sample is not at C3, you can use a Midi Utility ***BEFORE*** NoteRemote in the chain to tune the note. If you have tuning issues, please email me.

Note: This is currently monophonic. If you want harmony, you will have to break the notes up in to separate tracks. If you find a better way to add harmony, please email me.

Note: You can use this an autotuner. Autotune yourself stupid.

Note: Monolake's Granulator is a great one to play around with this.

Once again, now that you've taken my hard work and ingenious patch design skills, I command you to listen to my music and give me feedback so I can finally finish this album off:


***Hey MaxForLive guys! Over here! Hire me to make patches and write code for you. I've made two kick-ass patches in less than a week and I'd never even used synth building platform before that.***

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Downloads: 4318
Tags synth, sampler, effect, utility, other
Live Version Used: 8.2.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: Sep 13 2011 03:32:33
Date Last Updated: Sep 29 2011 00:05:44
Average Rating (3) 4
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialNoDerivatives

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thks for the video link! :)

It only downloaded as one device and it's not allowing me to drop in on the track. : (

This is a zip file. You need to rename the file to .zip after you download it and unzip the contents.

Sorry a bit anxious I guess.


MaxForLive won't let me upload a zip file for some reason. Yet, I can zip the two files up and rename the file to AMXD so that's why it looks like one file and you can drag it on to the track. If you don't like this, complain to the MaxForLive website staff.

"This is a zip file. You need to rename the file to .zip after you download it and unzip the contents."

This is actually forbidden by the terms of service you agreed to when creating your account.

"At this time, only .amxd files are allowed for all users. Any other text or binary data posted but renamed to end in .axmd will be deleted and your account disabled without notice. Same for screenshot images. Any attempt to rename other binary data to an image extension to bypass the filter is now logged. You've been warned."

The reason you can't upload zip files is because you never requested permission to do so. I enable that feature only for people who ask. Email me at info@maxforlive and we'll sort this out.

Until then I deleted the file you uploaded. Email me dude.

Oops. Serious apologies. No harm intended. I just had to get a zip file up there somehow and had no idea that I could request that feature.

It's up again. You can just download it as a zip file without having to rename it now.

Thank man.

You're hired!

Hi there. Cool device, but it jumps octave a lot, pretty much every time. The note remote will say -12 or + 12, but it will play -24 or +24. Is this happening for you? Happens every time for me. Unless I hold down 2 notes, then it will transpose correct for a second, then next note it will jump an octave again.

Ok, actually it just jumps all over the place. It looks like back to the drawing board, unfortunately. Thanks for the effort though, it's going to be a really cool device and one that's needed. Keep up the great work, it's a cool idea. Thanks.

It appears to be jumping in whole steps & missing the half steps. Hmm...

OK. I've never had this problem before. I would have see exactly what you did in order to diagnose this problem. Please send any issues to my email address:

Please send me the exact steps that you did to create your tracks, and send me screen shots of each track with the FX chains so I can see what is going on.

Please don't post questions here. I'm not able to email you back.

perrrrfect! have two of them running on a pc without a hitch; gonna try and figure out how to get the pitch bend to work this thing...

powerfully underrated! I get massive results from using noteremote on the looper.

This is a really dope patch. Works good when laying out loops, but has a noticeable effect on the sound. I was hoping that it would be more playable, like right out of the samper.. but i guess that's more of the problem with live sampler to begin with eh?

For f**k's sake, this isn't as bad as the description that makes eight million pathetic wobble jokes, but this is still asinine. And after calling people ignorant if they don't know what an FFT is, you then proceed to ROYALLY f**k up you're explanation of it despite you obviously reading a wikipedia page on it (perhaps you read it after?). Your device descriptions - especially this one - are the TEXTBOOK definition of a person exhibiting the Dunning-Kruger effect. Like your descriptions comprise this behavior to a freakin' T!

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