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Name/Version: WoFO 1.0
Author: Syncretia  
Description: WoFO - Wobble the $%#% out of anything!

Check out SpectreGadget - Pitch shift anything without destroying the time.

Check WoFO Sync (Add 54.78% more Wobble to your @#$#) - Sync any device parameter with any other device parameter

Today, I read a forum thread on how some guy wanted to know which instrument was best for making a Dubstep bassline. While sitting on the cann, I realised that the guy was an idiot. What is really needed is some decent LFO action to turn any synth in to a filthy-ass wobbler. So I went home and opened up Max for the first time. 3 hours later WoFO was wobbling my @#$#.

I hear you say "But, my favourite synth wobbles already". Yeah, well it don't wobble like this, fool! This thing will not only wobble anything you got, it will @#$#ing step sequence the speed of the wobble. That's @#$#ing right. It will @#$#ing step sequence the speed of the mother @#$#ing wobble!!!

I hear you saying "Wow, I could use that for all kinds of applications other than Dubstep!". Shut up! No, you couldn't. If you're not going to use it for Dubstep, I'm going to come to your house with Skrillex and beat the @#$# out of you with your keyboard. Especially if you are a Mac user. You'll be wobbling like Wobble Girl on the floor in a pool of your own faeces.

Seriously though, if you're not using this to make Dubstep, you must be retarded. This tool is the ultimate tool for Dubstep and will scare your parents and neighbours. Download this. It's clearly the best max patch ever made, and if I weren't giving this @#$# away for free, you'd be selling your mother on the streets to be able afford this.

Instead of sending me long streams of praise via email. Do me a big favour. Drive a big trailor of cash to place and dump it at the front door. If you don't want to do that, just download my music instead at:

And, now that you have WoFO, you owe it to me to go back to the website regularly, and download the latest music because the stuff that is there now is crap. I'm going to wobble the @#$@ out of it with WoFO. Also, make sure you make your friends listen to my music. If they don't like it, hit them... Hard. The tracks that are there now are just demos but some seriously good stuff is coming.

Lasty, rate this @#$# 5.


How to use WoFO:

-Drag a device on to the track (a standard Ableton instrument like Analog is the easiest)
-Create a 1 bar midi clip, put a 1 bar note in there, and loop it
-Drag WoFO to the right of the device
-Click the Learn button
-Twiddle a knob. The Frequency on a Low Pass Filter is always a good one to try.
-Unclick the Learn button
-Press Play

If the last step doesn't work for some reason:

-Click the tiny "List" button next to "Track"
-Select "This Track" in the "Track" drop down.
-Select your device in the "Device" drop down.
-Select the param you want to wobble in the "Param" drop down (Click learn to midi learn a parameter on your synth).

Come back here often. I will be soon posting a video with 10 or so different things you can WoFO.



1) Is the interface meant to be $%#@ brown?

2) Who is this Syncretia and how can I get him to play at my bar?
Check out my website.

3) You are the best and I want to have sex with you.
That's not a question! But send me an email anyway.

4) How can I make this work?
Email me. Seriously. @#$#ing email me.

5) Sometimes it just stops working
If this happens, please try to explain what you were doing when this happened. But, most of the time you can just delete the device from the chain and drag it in again from the file system.

6) It sometimes wobbles slowly.
If this happens, please try to explain what you were doing when this happened. But, most of the time you can just delete the device from the chain and drag it in again from the file system.

7) Sometimes Ableton crashes. Is this WoFO?

Yes. WoFO hates you, Ableton, and your computer. If your computer is crashing, it is because of this. You're lucky it doesn't tear your hard drive out and make you eat it.

8) I think I may have detected a potential defect in your patch. Who should I email ... bla bla bla

There aint no @#$#ing bugs! The last time there was a bug, it was because some Japanese guy was using WoFO incorrectly. Next thing I knew, the north of Japan was decimated and several nuclear meltdowns ensued. Seriously, a bug would result in you being wobbled to death.

9) Wobble is so stale. Why don't you create something new?

Dubstep is only just peaking as we speak. Our radio stations are becoming flooded with the $%$. That means we can flog this dead horse for at least another 2 years before we are standing around saying "Man, I remember when we could get 1,000 people to our gigs; now, we're forced to get high by sniffing the glue off the back of our gig posters".

10) I want my music to sound exactly like Skrillex but I can't be bothered following one of the 15,000 tutorials on the internet to steal his sound. Will WoFO fix this problem for me?

Yes. What you need to do is drag an instance of WoFO in to your chain. Then, slam your computer's power button down 100 times in quick succession.

11) I'm a pretentious Mac User and I take offense to your comments. Could you please apologise?

12) after i read this text i already lost the interest to listen music from a guy like you! do you think that you are funny?

Oh. I'm so sorry. I'll make it up to you. Here's a description that won't offend you:

Ever wanted to spatialise the diffusion of your trackpad? Well, here's the patch for you! This patch has a predefined routing matrix which leverages the lh_midiout external and can be reconfigured with an APC40 controller flange and LFO automator.

Have fun!


Warning: Dubstep will have seriously deleterious effects on your physical and mental health as evidenced by this video. The guy strapped to the bed used WoFO far more than is recommended or reasonable.




Device Details

Downloads: 5264
Tags lfo, sequencer, effect, glitch, other
Live Version Used: 8.2.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: Sep 08 2011 10:24:29
Date Last Updated: Sep 18 2011 06:02:20
Average Rating (5) 4
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialNoDerivatives

Device Files

Device File: WoFO.amxd


I heartily endorce this product and/or event.

I hope it also does Autotune?
Seriously, create sth new, Wobble is so stale...

WoFO does 2 things, step sequence and LFO. But, if you have an Autotune plugin, you could get some really interesting effects by saying LFO'ing the pitch at different speeds throughout the bar.

Best... Description... Ever.

Great concept, priceless write-up. Is this compatible with Photoshop?

I tried hooking this thing up to Photoshop, but it @#$#ed my photos of Thai hookers up so bad, I almost vomitted. Don't ask me what it did to facebook.

You have a serious mental problem...

Where can I sign up to be your follower ?

Damn straight she works nice. Rate this thing 5. Now.

Where can I sign up to be your follower ?


I'm going to try to get the website sorted out with a mailing list. I will be cleaning up the music and turning it in to something listenable as a unit so please keep an eye on the site.

Also, because I'm a nice guy, I'm going to expand this patch with more features. But, I'm going to put it in a zip file with my music so you are forced to download it.

The new patch will make WoFO 1 look like a droopy eyed limbless child.

And please email me if you are interested in future updates and spam about my music.

just tried it
i prefer CC and my hand to make it sound heavy and wobbly
it's just a toy for me
and sorry but skrillex won't come with you at my house because he uses CC and many instances of massive/silenth to make his insane dubstep bass
(i work on mac ;) )

What's CC?

I can understand why you'd want to assign the speed of the LFO to a knob or the mod wheel. That makes total sense - especially from a performance point of view. And when it comes down to it, writing the envelopes by hand will obviously give you the most control.

However, this tool a) takes instruments that don't already wobble, and wobble them b) allow you to wobble multiple parameters (multiple instances) at once and have those speeds change over time c) prototype.

At the end of the day, you might not use this for production. But you can get very intresting sounds very quickly with this.

Best... Description... Ever. jajaja it,s not very original....

The description? Or, the patch?

I've got a list of 7 enhancements to add. Some are easy, some will take some time to figure out how to do. But, when this is finished, it will seriously kick-ass.

Myus, just for you I made an Autotuner:

do you think that you are funny?
share your devices, describe them, if theres a need for it and stop this "fucking shit fool fucking ass".
after i read this text i already lost the interest to listen music from a guy like you!

cool, good job. thx

i cant get this to work on a mac and after reading the description im still confused will this work on a mac? a tutorial/yt video would be awesome and @vader1 what is CC?

Email me and I'll personally step you through it. Yes it does work on Mac. Hang tight for tutorial. The only obstacle is findinga tutorial recorder that actually works.

I loved the description but when it comes to your device it's bad enough that you made the interface brown, embedding your website is another level of shameless..

Syncretia WROTE: Myus, just for you I made an Autotuner:

AHAHAH !! That's customer support at its higher level :)

Heh, good device. Myus, you have to use it creatively...

You know, the fact that you put in the FIRST half a bunch of trying-too-hard jokes that you should've left for the end (and shouldn't have taken up almost more space than the instructions) is only a bit irritating...however then you assume people will praise you for it and call them retarded if they don't use it for dubstep (I don't give a shit about the PC'ness of "retard", however, satire or not it makes you look extremely arrogant), and then the WORSE thing about this is you lying and expecting us to believe you opened up Max for the first time then learned enough of it to know HOW to build the thing and then ACTUALLY built it...all in under 3 hours. Like you were so f**king irritating that it took away every bit of motivation that I had to check this thing out - in fact it CAUSED me to avoid it...and then here I go wasting my time writing this.

PS: I went back and tried to find out where you actually start getting serious about the description...but you never even do - the whole second half is STILL peppered with cringey, forced jokes. Are you manic or have a coke habit or something??

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