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Name/Version: fm.NoisePatterns 1.1
Author: FalseMirror  
Description: fm.NoisePatterns is a drone synthesizer using additive synthesis.
Demo video:

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Tags synth, other
Live Version Used: 8.2.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.0
Date Added: Sep 03 2011 13:13:45
Date Last Updated: Sep 03 2011 17:08:09
Device Type: instrument_device
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License (more info): AttributionShareAlike


Yeah! Very cool. My kind of thing.

Be sure to put a limiter behind this before you mess around. I've experienced some random bursts of extremely loud noise from turning the resonance to full 0.

Yeah this is due to the non-linear volume change when changing the resonance. I might consider using a logarithmic scaling for the resonance in the next version. In this version (1.1) just make sure to lower the gain when you decrease the resonance.

FWIW, I couldn't get any wet signal from the reverb and couldn't load the presets (Ableton seemed to think they were patches rather than presets, something I've seen with other patches).

Thanks. Looks like the frozen gigaverb external doesn't work... Have any idea what might be the reason for it?
I've now also heard it from another user. Oddly enough it seems to work for others however.

Best, Tobias aka False Mirror

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