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Name/Version: Selection Filter 2 2.0.3
Author: dennisdesantis  
Description: NOTE: This device is fully compatible with Live 11.1 or higher, but it will not work in versions of Live 11 prior to 11.1. If you need to use these versions of Live, please use Selection Filter 1.0.2 instead (

version 2.0.3
- fixed a bug that caused the focus to always jump to the detail view when selecting a clip. "Show Clip After Running" is now off by default; note that turning it on will cause this behavior again.


Select notes in clips based on their musical properties.

Selection Filter allows notes to be selected according to twelve types of musical criteria (nine types in Live 10):

Pitch — select all notes within a range of pitches
Scale — select all notes that are members of the chosen scale
Highest/Lowest — select the highest (or lowest) note of every chord
Velocity — select all notes within a range of velocities
Velocity Range - select all notes within a range of values of the Velocity Range parameter (Live 11.1+ only)
Release Velocity - select all notes within a range of release velocities (Live 11.1+ only)
Probability - select all notes with a range of probabilities (Live 11.1+ only)
Beat position — select notes that begin at a particular rhythmic location within a bar, and then optionally at multiples of that position
Duration — select notes within a range of note lengths
Nth note — select every Nth note, with an optional offset
Active/Inactive — select all notes that are unmuted (or muted)
Random— randomly select a fixed number or a percentage of notes

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Downloads: 1010
Tags utility, other
Live Version Used: 11.3.13
Max Version Used: 8.5.5
Date Added: Feb 01 2022 18:59:37
Date Last Updated: Jan 15 2024 20:40:46
Average Rating (2) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: Selection Filter.amxd


thank you very much!! :-)

Great job, Thank you so much =)
Small request, please make the expanded window Dark skin compatible.

Hi njassal,

Are you using Live 11 or Live 10?

I think this is working as expected with different skins in Live 11. I'm not sure about 10 though.


Hi Dennis,

I was able to fix it. Just had to switch between Mid-Light and Dark theme in Preferences.

One small suggestion though, could you please make the Expand button Key Map assignable? Thanks.

Yessssss. Please make the Expand button Key Map assignable so you can call up the device when needed on another track. Thank you

Ok, I've just updated the device. The Expand button can now be MIDI or Key mapped.

Thanks so much for listening.

Hi Dennis.

Is there a way you can assign functions to keyboard shortcuts, for example 'select inactive notes'?

Thanks, P.

Hi prizzle9,

Unfortunately, that's not really possible. It could be possible to enable keyboard mapping for particular buttons, but not for a multi-button state like the one you've suggested.


Thanks for the replay Dennis.

I pulled apart the old L10 version to create separate buttons for certain functions a while back but don't have the time to relearn what I did (I have no idea what I'm doing and it got a bit messy tbh) at the moment.

Could buttons not be created to trigger the current state of a function? Eg. 'Select Inactive Notes' if that was the last Active/Inactive setting?

Or maybe just the 'Go' button could be mapped?

.....I've just enabled keyboard triggering of the 'GO' button but unfortunately it toggles when assigned to a key, is there a workaround for this?

I've noticed the same behaviour when enabling keyboard shortcuts on other devices buttons also. is there a way to make them momentary?

Thanks! P.

Anyone else getting the problem where you have to hit undo twice for any actions to be undone if selection filter is loaded? (Ive done this on an empty set btw so its not conflicting with any other devices or plugins)

Cheers! P.

Brilliant. I've been looking for something like this for several days, and here it is under my nose.

Sorry, I meant to say a very big thank you too.

Hi Dennis

Fantastic device! Thanks for this!

Is there a way to make it work in arrangement view to select clips by beat or bar divisions? I imagine it'd have to be it's own specialized device if it was even possible in the first place. Actually, I'm not sure if Live currently has the functionality to manually select multiple non-adjacent clips. Guess I answered my own question. :D

Hi davidcaporale,

Thanks for the kind words.

It might be possible make a device that could select clips in this way, but I think it's conceptually different enough that it wouldn't make sense as a mode of Selection Filter, which is really just about notes.

(It's true that Live has no way to select multiple non-adjacent clips, but the device might be able to solve this issue another way. I'll think about this!)


FYI, I've fixed the bug that caused focus to constantly jump to the detail view. This *might* also fix the issue with the double-undo.

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