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Name/Version: Degrees-Chord 2
Author: SebastienClara  
Description: Version 2 of Degrees family is only available for download at this address:

Degrees is a family of four devices dedicated to harmonic and melodic creation. In music, a degree is the place of a pitch in a musical scale.
From this position, devices of this family determine the chord of this degree and Degrees-Chord generates the chord corresponding to the selected degree.

Traditional harmony forbids parallel movements of fifths and octaves. To avoid these parallel movements, the composer or the accompanist inverses certain chords.

The advent of samplers in music has considerably weakened these rules of harmonic conduct. Indeed, a chord frozen in audio can only be transposed by parallel movements. Therefore, parallel harmonic movement is no longer shocking to listeners.

However, inverting chords allows you to simply vary a progression during an introduction or a break for example. It seemed important to me to include this feature in my harmonization module. Moreover, this parameter can be managed randomly.

With Degrees-Chord, you can finally ignore this invert parameter, manage it manually or randomly.

You control this device with keyboard, pad (only for v2) MIDI controller or clip.
The key/pad button is used to select its control mode. With the keyboard mode: C triggers the 1st degree, D the 2nd degree and so on. With the pad mode: C triggers the 1st degree, C# the 2nd degree and so on.

To coordinate a harmonic progression between all the devices of this family, Degrees-Chord can synchronize the other modules of this family and transmit in real time the changes of degree, root, scale or chord quality.

If you wish to adopt a different hierarchy of conduct between devices, then you will need to use Live's own MIDI routing features to coordinate your harmonic progression between other instances of these devices.

Degrees-Chord is augmentation of my previous harmonizer Chord by Degrees. You can watch my previous videos of these old devices here (in french but with english subtitles): and

Fixes inversion problem when n/chord knob is equal to 1.

Choice of the quality of the chords (sus2, third, sus4, sixth).
Choice of open or close chord position.
Choice to double bass note.
Possibility to control the device with a MIDI pad controller (like push).
Fixes the problem of phantom notes when Degrees-Chord controls Degrees-Melopoeia.
Version 2 of Degrees family is only available for download at this address:

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Downloads: 803
Tags effect, other
Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Jan 21 2022 12:59:45
Date Last Updated: May 28 2022 09:07:22
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: Degrees-Chord-v1.amxd


hi Sebastien, I am using this device with Ableton 11, and no midi is passing through... I cannot get it to work.

Have you tested with Ableton 11?

Hi aiotea,
Thanks for your feedback.

The device passes all MIDI messages except MIDI notes.
The MIDI notes allow to control the device. C triggers the 1st degree, D the 2nd degree and so on.

To operate the device, you need to use a MIDI controller or a MIDI clip. It also works with the mouse when you click on degree, but this feature is more useful to test something.

I hope I answered your question.

Hi Sebastien, I am using your suite of devices regularly now, and LOVE them... so many options with such a simple interface...

One thing that would be really useful for my case is if the degrees could be midi mapped, so I can control with a midi controller rather than needing to use a keyboard. Is this a feature you'd consider adding?

I think I have a solution to add the control of the device with pads (push type). However, this modification makes the understanding of the device a bit more complex.

I don't think to go further, because otherwise I lose the different current control modes.

I will add this new feature and others next month.

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